Mobzilla (based on Toho's Godzilla) is the strongest hostile mob in Minecraft, added in the 50.6 update. It only spawns in Ocean and Plains biomes and is not manually summoned. Its arrival is always marked with a massive storm 10x more dangerous than typical ones. Also, for good measure, around 50 Iron Armor Zombies are following him at all times, fending off any players. He stands at over 50 blocks high, towering over any other entities.



Hearts: 2000

Damage Value: 10 Hearts per kick.

Armor: 40


Kick/Punch - Standard melee attack, temporarily displaces target 2 blocks in the air.

Atomic Breath - Launches a barrage of dozens of Ghast and Blaze bombs.

Lightning - All players within the immediate vicinity of Mobzilla will periodically be hit with lightning bolts.

Seismic Attack - Tosses all nearby players 10 blocks into the air.

Lava Breath - Spews lava source blocks in all directions.

Roar - Gives all nearby players a Weakness and Slowness status effect for 20 seconds.

Nuclear Pulse - Sets all nearby players alight until in contact with water

Super Jump - Used to navigate freely across the map, over 25 max height

Special Attributes

Incredibly advanced and superior Artificial Intelligence No knockback

No fire damage

No fall damage

Moves extremely fast in water

Sinks to the bottom of water masses

Destroys terrain in its way

Destroys layers of player-made blocks when stepped on

Super Regenerative Powers (2 hearts per second)

Self destructs on death, killing everything around it (10 second warning marked by glowing, roaring, and explosion particles)

Becomes stronger when in contact with water or lightning

Drops on Death

64 Mobzilla Hide - Used to craft strongest armor in the game

2-5 Mobzilla Claw - Used to craft strongest sword and bow in the game

128 Mobzilla Tooth - Substitutes as 10x more powerful arrows for bows (compatible with Infinity)

4-6 Mobzilla Dorsal Fin - can be combined with any armor piece to add Thorns V enchantment (does not accelerate breaking rate)

25% chance to drop Mobzilla Skull Trophy

Several various Enchanted Books

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