Moon's Crew, Causing Trouble Since August 1, 2010!

Moon's Crew is a rebel pirate guild led by Bobby Moon! (well duh) The Crew was founded on August 1, 2010. The guild is against EITC and royalty groups who try to control our lives and rule us! Moon's Crew currently has 227 members and is still looking to recruit. If you are interested, give your pirate name and we will get back to you, OR leave a message on Bobby's talk page! Level doesn't matter!! We take everyone! (except spies! HISS!)

Moon's Crew 1 Year Anniversary Party

The Crew has been in existence for 1 full year! I'm surprised I haven't wrecked it yet! We are gonna throw a huge bash to celebrate! If you're a member, you're automatically invited! If you're a friend if Bob's, she will invite you on POTCO! It will be at 4 PM eastern time on August the First at kings arm! (server to be decided) Hope you can make it!! (like if you're invited, no crashers!!)

Guild History

Moon's Crew was founded by Captain Bobby Moon on August 2, 2010. (as stated above) Bobby made the guild after she left the guild "Fatal Distractions" after complications arose between her and the GM. The Crew was made for all rejects and rebels that had no where else to go. (pretty much like Moon) That is still the guild's primary purpose today. The guild is anti-EITC and Paradox, along with any other groups that try to rule/control the Caribbean or us. Go Moon's Crew, for sure!

The Crew: 2012-2013

Activity within Moon's Crew began to die down as 2012 began. Members left the game or the guild, greatly deminishing the Crew's numbers. When it appeared the guild was beyond saving, Bobby Moon herself left the guild. However, she left one of her other pirates as guildmaster in case she ever needed to get back into the guild. In September 2013, before the closing of the game, Moon returned to Moon's Crew to finish her POTCO journey where it began.

Notable Crew Members

  • Bobby Moon (Obviously)
  • Poeman
  • Albert Spark
  • Jamie the Second
  • Ben Seastealer
  • Wolfdude
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