The Morbid Potion

The Morbid Potion is an extremely lethal potion. It is so dangerous it is unavailible to be made, and the recipe is impossible to get, from the two people that have it.

The horrible Morbid Potion, glows an odd blue...


The only people in the whole Caribbean that have the recipie to the potion is Jolly Roger, and Tia Dalma. It was created many decades ago at a voodoo convention that was held every year in Cuba, hosted by Tia Dalma.

Only a true potion brewing master can create this potion:

Requires lvl. 30 potion brewing!


  1. Vortexian Poison Fly Trap (Extinct)
  2. Murky Swamp Water
  3. Jacuzzi Beach Blue Sand (Unofficial)
  4. -Other ingredients unknown-


This potent potion is a total killer. One drop of it is enough to poison and kill a child... two drops is enough to kill a full grown man. Nobody knows what it tastes like because nobody has lived long enough after having it to tell what it tastes like. This potion completely messes up your senses, it weakens your body's immune system and gives you a high fever. It also takes away all of your strength, and disables your speech powers. It takes lots of healing, medicine, and self-determination to be able to fight off its effects, if thats even possible.Aren't we glad that its impossible to make now? And that there is none left! Or is there...


At the time there were no undead armies, Jolly Roger was the first undead skeleton. He wasn't evil back then, until him and Tia Dalma accidently created a potion so horrible and powerful. She destroyed all of the potion that they made, and killed the rare Vortexian Poison Fly Trap species. Now they are believe to be extinct. Jolly was so mad, he stormed away and wasn't seen for another decade.

History Of Use

(In Chronilogical order)

  1. Voodoo Convention #1
  2. Jolly's first invasion, Isla Congrejos
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