Sail wind catcher Morning Fox is a War Sloop!

The Morning Fox

The Morning Fox is captained by Simon Treasurehawk, and owned by Marauder's Militia. It is rarely used for
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serious combat but used for training, leveling up cannons, and quick voyages. It has never been in a real battle, but if it has a sailor on every cannon it is almost unstoppable.

Bought June 21, 2010.

The Morning Fox can take the Riptide Wrath's place as Head of the Armad
Score 1
a if the Wrath is heavily damaged.


  • Captained By: Simon Treasurehawk
  • In Service: Marauder's Militia
  • Purchased: June 21, 2010
  • Class: War Sloop
  • Highest SvS Streak: 13
  • Highest SvS Score: 3602
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