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Everglade alley mruder
Murder on Everglade Alley
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Murder on Everglade Alley
Everglade alley mruder
Author John Breasly
Illustrator Simon Redskull
Publication date 20/8/11
Published by La Mafia Productions
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This is a fan-play written by John Breasly. It is the story of a murder that has taken place late one night on Everglade Alley.

John decided to write this play when he became obsessed with the idea of writing a murder mystery. After playing L.A. Noire, he got the idea of a mafia-based murder.

The Play

Act I - Everglade Alley Crime Scene

Scene I - The Murder

It is late and raining. A single figure rushes down Everglade Alley, pursued by another larger figure. Victim falls.

Victim: Please! Please, no! I'll have it soon!

Assailant: Your time is up.

The assailant draw his pistol, and shoots the fallen victim in the head. Suddenly, a lantern in a nearby shop window flickers on, and a man steps out of the doorway.

Jason Yelloweagle: Oi, who are you! What.... Oh my God! Get away!

The assailant runs off into the night, as the man rushed forward.

Jason Yelloweagle: He's.... he's dead! Help! Help! Help!

Two Royal Navy members walk down the street, and spot Jason attempting to revive the man.

Guard #1: What's happened here?

Jason Yelloweagle: This poor man has been shot!

Guard #1: Call for backup!

The second guard runs off, and scene closes.

Scene II - The Investigation Begins

It is early morning. The crime scene is guarded by the Royal Navy.

Weatherby Swann: Oh my! How could this have happened, in Everglade Alley, of all places! Where is that Redskull chap!?

Elizabeth Swann: Father, calm down!

Weatherby Swann: A murder!? In my fair city!? I will not stand for it!

Simon Redskull then comes down the alley, and starts to bow to Weatherby Swann.

Simon Redskull: M'governo-

Weatherby Swann: How could you let a murder take place in Everglade Alley!? Now all the townsfolk are frightened out of their minds!

Simon Redskull: Err.... I was.... out.... as it were.

Simon gives Weatherby a sheepish grin, which Weatherby returns with an angry glare.

Weatherby Swann: I expect you to have someone hired and conduct a full investigation! Good day! Come now, Elizabeth...

Elizabeth Swann: Yes, father. (Whispering to Simon) Good luck!

Simon nods, then turns around, scratches his head, and looks at the body.

Simon Redskull: (To self) Now, where can I find a good investigator?

Kat Walnutstone: Here.

Simon looks to his left and notices Kat Walnutstone leaning against the wall of a nearby shop.

Simon Redskull: M'love, I don't be thinking this is a case for you and a few of your friends. We'll need top notch investigators.

Kat Walnuststone: And we are. Follow me.

Simon and Kat leave.

Scene III - The Sauveurs Pirates Jeu Office

Kat Walnutstone enters the office, followed by Simon. It is a small, one room office with five desks. Lawrence Daggerpaine sits at the biggest desk.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Katherine, have you investig... well, I see you've brought the land-lord himself!

Kat Walnustone: I have. And I believe we can strike a deal.

Simon Redskull: Now now, let's not jump to conclusions, I'm not even sure I can hire a tiny business like this.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Tiny? We, alone, solved the Great Sage Fraud case!

Simon Redskull: That was you? Well, I suppose you'll be good enough. Meet me at the crime scene when you're ready.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Excellent.

Moments after Simon leaves, Benjamin Macmorgan enters the office, wearing a large overcoat, a British huting hat, and is carrying three large boxes.

Benjamin Macmorgan: 'Ello all! Guess what I just... whoa!

Benjamin falls, and drops the first box, from which large overcoats and hunting hats fall out. The others are caught by Kat, leaping to the rescue.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Err... bad timing?

Benjamin gives Kat a sheepish grin, which looks silly because his long mustache is now disheveled.

Kat Walnutstone: Benjamin.... what are we going to do with you?

Benjamin Macmorgan: You'll love me after you see what's in the boxes!

Lawrence and Kat each open a box. In Lawrence's box, there are small glass disks, small jugs and containers, small wooden clipboards, and several other evidence search items. In Kat's box, there are attachable mustaches, mustache combs, wigs, and several other items used for disguises.

Benjamin Macmorgan: See!? Aren't they wonderful?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Yes, the supplies are excellent!

Benjamin Macmorgan: No, not the supplies! The mustaches! Hehe! They're perfect!

Kat hits Benjamin on the back of the head.

Kat Walnuststone: Send a message to Mr. Pistol, and tell him to meet us at the usual.

Benjamin gets up, and scurries off to his desk.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: When you're done, meet us there.

Kat and Lawrence leave.

Scene IV - Investigating the Scene

Lawrence and Kat arrive back at the scene. Lawrence goes straight to the body, while Kat investigates the items the victim dropped.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Kat, do you know the name of this man?

Kat Walnutstone: No, no one knows.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Interesting.... the face is too distorted for me to even begin to guess.

Lawrence then pulled out a hankerchief, and puts it over the distorted face. He then begins to search the body. After several minutes, he finds a note.

Mr. Morganson,

It has come to my attention that you are running out of time. Get it soon, or the worst may happen to you, and your family. From,

The Greaser

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Kat, come over here.

Kat walks over, and reads the note. Her eyes widen.

Kat Walnutstone: Well, it seems that this Greaser, whoever he is, is behind the murder.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Not necessarily. We have no proof other than a vaguely hinting note.

Benjamin Macmorgan then walks up, wearing the cheesy detective wear.

Benjamin Macmorgan: 'Ello, Lawrence!

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Benjamin, have you ever heard of The Greaser?

Benjamin Macmorgan: I believe he ran a pirate gang called the Privateers of Penzance! No... it was... um.... Princes of Thieves! No.... the Merrymen..... no.... um....

While Benjamin talks to himself, Simon Redskull walks out from a shop, and starts talking to Lawrence.

Simon Redskull: So, Mr. Daggerpaine, what have you come up with so far?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Well, we found this here note from a man called The Greaser. Know anything about him?

Simon Redskull: The Greaser used the be a henchman for Admiral Macmonger. He now runs a vicious pirate gang in Padres del Fuego called the "Deadcoats"-

Benjamin suddenly snaps out of his trance.

Benjamin Macmorgan: I got it! He runs a gang called the Deadcoats!

Lawrence hits his hand on his forehead.

Kat Walnuststone: Right, so.... how should we find them?

Simon Redskull: They've got a base in a partially underwater cave somewhere on Padres del Fuego, but no one knows where.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Maybe the Nautilleans might help us? And I can give Jack his disguise mustache!

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Alright, looks like we're heading to Padres del Fueg-

Simon Redskull: Wait! Don't you have to interview the witness? He says he caught a glimpse of the man.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Ah.... yes.... Kat! Why don't you question him?

Kat walks over to Jason Yelloweagle, who is tidying up his shop.

Kat Walnuststone: 'Ello Mr....

Jason Yelloweagle: Yelloweagle! Jason Yelloweagle! And you might be...?

Kat Walnuststone: Katherine Walnutstone.

Jason Yelloweagle: Pleasure to make your acquaintance. This is about the murder, yes?

Kat Walnutsone: Aye, 'tis. Now, can you tell me exactly what you heard and saw last night?

Jason Yelloweagle: Well, I awoke to some cries on the street, but the rain was so loud I couldn't hear a damned thing. I grabbed my lantern, and walked downstairs. When I opened the door, I saw a well-built man, clad in black and dark grey. His chin, which I only got a glimpse of, was quite pale. He ran off, and when I approached the poor man, he was dead!

Kat Walnuststone: Nothing else was strange? You didn't see anything else?

Jason Yelloweagle: Now that you mention it, he did have a medallion. I think it mightn't been a dolphin, or maybe a deformed swine, but he was moving too quick for me to say exactly.

Kat leaves the shop, and goes back to Lawrence.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Do you have a description?

Kat Walnutstone: Aye, now let's leave.

Kat, Lawrence, and Benjamin walk off to the docks.

Act II - Los Padres

Scene I - Skull's Thunder

Benjamin, Kat, and Lawrence enter the Skull's Thunder in Los Padres. They see Jack Pistol by the bar, punching a man in the face.

Jack Pistol: There's more where that came from if you don't scamper off!

The bandit gets up and runs out of the bar.

Jack Pistol: Ah, Lawrence, how are ye!?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Well enough, I suppose. But we need to discuss something in private. Do you think we could find a room here, and talk it out?

Jack Pistol: I doubt. This tavern's (pauses momentarily and ducks as bottle flies over head) walls are like ears. Why don't we head to (pauses as a man charges him, to which he punches in the face) my office?

Jack leads the group out of the tavern.

Scene II - The Nautillean Offices

Il Nautilea stands outside a large building.

Il Natuilea: Password?

Jack Pistol: You know who I am.

Il Natuilea: Not until I get the password I don't.

Jack Pistol: Abyss.

Il Natuilea: No.

Jack Pistol: What!? Your supposed to tell us the password before you change it!

Il Natuilea: Why would I tell the password to a stranger?

Jack Pistol: Oi....(punches Il Nautilea in the face) Is that the password?

Il Nautilea falls to the ground, and cups his hands over his nose.

Il Natuilea: (in pain) Aye... Mr. Pistol....

Jack leads the way in.

Jack Pistol: Now, let's head to my office.

Jack leads the group to the top floor, and into a large, comfortable office. There is screaming coming from next door.

Jack Pistol: Err.... ignore that screaming, it's Susanne Telltale's office.

Sound of breaking glass comes from other side of wall. Moments later, Susanne pulls open the door to Jack's office.

Susanne Telltale: Jack! Get me another vase on order now!

Jack Pistol: Aye, Miss Telltale, right away, Miss.

Susanne slams the door, and little noise is hear afterwards.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Isn't she pleasant?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Anyway, let's get down to business. The murder on Everglade Alley. Here's what we have so far.

Lawrence puts the evidence on Jack's desk.

Jack Pistol: Hmm.... strange. We have several ex-Nautillean assassins that now work for pirate gangs.... maybe this is one. As for The Greaser, he leads a pirate gang called the Deadcoats. Plenty miners have found them.... none have come back in one piece.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: And what of Mr. Morganson?

Jack Pistol: I'll do an official check, but you might want to ask around. Seems he lived by here.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Will do.

There is a knock at the door.

Nicholas Nikolai: Jack... oh, your in a meeting....

Jack Pistol: No, no, it's fine. Lawrence, why don't you head over to the inn and get a room?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Alright. Meet us at twelve tomorrow.

Group gets up and leaves.

Nicholas Nikolai: Jack, I'm worried. We're tied to the Tortugan Mafia, and if those "investigators" found any ounce of a possible link, we'd be tying our own nooses in no-time.

Jack Pistol: I know. But the Tortugan Mafia is run by the Godhermit, and he wouldn't commit a murder like this... well, he would, but he'd take the body for a meal.

Nicholas Nikolai: Unless the man was cursed, per-say.

Jack Pistol: You aren't suggesting....?

Nicholas Nikolai: I am.

Jack Pistol: Go get that voodoo priestess at once!

Nicholas leaves, and Jack pulls out a piece of parchment and starts writing quickly.

Scene III - Investigating the Bank

Benjamin, Lawrence, and Kat sit in the private parlor of the inn.

Benjamin Macmorgan: So, what's our next plan of action?

Kat Walnutstone: Well, it seems he lived here, so we need to investigate the nearby townsfolk.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Aye. I'll investigate as to his public standings. Kat, you investigate any businesses he might've had. Benjamin, try to find out his financial state.

The group gets up and leaves. Kat and Lawrence walk off to a gypsy camp, leaving Benjamin behind.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Hmm.... where to start?

Benjamin stops a random guy near the inn.

Benjamin Macmorgan: 'Scuse me, sir, do you know someone named Morganson?

Man #1: Maybe, who's asking?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Where did he keep his money?

Man #1: How should I know!?

Benjamin Macmorgan: I don't know, he lived around here.

Man #1: Lived? Bah!

Benjamin stops another man.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Do you know where Mr. Morganson kept his money?

Man #2: Nay, but do you want to buy a time-keeper?

The man reveals a large amount of various time keepers beneath his overcoat. Benjamin declines. He then asks another man.

Man #3: What do you want?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Where did Mr. Morganson store his wealth?

Man #3: In his back pockets.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Really!? He must have had big pockets then! I wonder who his tailor was? I wonder how his pants didn't-

Man #3: God, your thick. He stored it up at the bank near Fort Dundee.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Thank you!

Man #3: Idiot....

Benjamin goes to the East India Trading Co. Bank, near Fort Dundee.

Teller #1: Hello, how may I help you?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Yes, I'm looking for the bank account of a Mr. Morganson.

Teller #1: Let's see here.... (Reading from a paper) We have Frank Morganson, John Morganson, Henry Morganson, Richard Morganson, another John Morganson, Ferdinand Morganson, Benjamin Morganson, and Harrison Morganson.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Err.... I'm not sure.

Teller #1: Well, Richard Morganson was in here nigh four hours ago.

The door to the bank is blown open, and a gang of war-tattered redcoats enter.

Deadcoat #1: Right now! All ye landlubbers move while I find the one called Mac Morgan!

Deadcoat #2: Aye, and we may be lookin' 'round bit, takin' loot 'ere and 'dere.

The five Deadcoats begin searching the crowd. The 1st teller then opens a panel near Benjamin's feet, and Benjamin climbs through.

Benjamin Macmorgan: (Whispering) Thank you!

Benjamin runs down the stairwell towards vault security. Meanwhile, on the main floor...

Deadcoat #1: Oi, lemme' over that there counter!

Teller #2: Err, bank personne-

Teller is shot dead.

Deadcoat #3: He's not hidin' with the landlubbers!

Deadcoat #4: He's prob'ly be'ind the counter!

Deadcoat #2: Start searchin'!

After several minutes, they begin to go down the staircase. Benjamin is hiding under the vault security desk. When the Deadcoats reach the bottom, a gunfight takes place, in which the Deadcoats win, taking one casualty.

Deadcoat #5: Morris! They'll be payin'!

Several seconds later, they find Benjamin.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Oh, ah, 'ello there!

Deadcoat #3: Yer Mcmargan?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Ah, no, my name is John Smi-

Deadcoat #2: Search 'im!

The third and fifth Deadcoats search him, and find his Official Detective's Writ.

Deadcoat #3: 'Ere it is.

Deadcoat #1: Let's move!

Scene IV - Deadcoat's Base

Bound and gagged, Benjamin is carried from the scene. He is carried out of the bank, and brought to a small fissure in the rock, where he is forced into. After an hour of walking, he finds himself in a cavern about the size of a small drawing room, with a small lake on one edge. There is a curtain over one entrance, ad drapes and rugs are hung everywhere. He is thrown into a padded armchair. When he is unbound, another man sits across from him.

The Greaser: Bonjour, Monsieur Macmorgan. I am Artur Gondly. Or, you may know me as The Greaser.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Ah, your the one who murdered Morganson!

The Greaser: Non, and non. He is not dead, so, I could not have murdered him.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Wait, which Morganson are we talking about?

The Greaser: His name, curse it, is Richard Morganson.

Benjamin Macmorgan: So, then, who was the dead man on Everglade Alley?

The Greaser: Pas un important.

Benjamin Macmorgan: I think it's important if he was killed.

The Greaser: Non, it is not!

Benjamin Macmorgan: So, then who is Richard Morganson!?

The Greaser: He is pas un! Just a pawn in a greater scheme!

Benjamin Macmorgan: A scheme you seem to be running!

The Greaser: Running? Bah! I am trying to stop it! And it is much larger than our band of Deadcoats!

Benjamin Macmorgan: So then who's in charge!?

The Greaser: For your own safety, I cannot say!

Benjamin Macmorgan: What!? Who is running it?! And, for that matter, what is it even about!

The Greaser: You will be hunted and killed if you knew!

Benjamin Macmorgan: Tell me the truth!

The Greaser: Non!

Benjamin then stands up.

Benjamin Macmorgan: I want the truth!

The Greaser stands up, towering over Benjamin.


Benjamin scampers back into his seat.

Benjamin Macmorgan: I.... I unders-stand, M-m-mr. Gondly!

The Greaser sighs, and sits down.

The Greaser: Now. I am willing to help you in your detective scheme, but I may only release little at a time.

Benjamin Macmorgan: And you swear your trying to put away the people in this scheme?

The Greaser: I am.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Then we have a deal.

The Greaser and Benjamin shake hands.

The Greaser: Now, we can't have you finding this, so....

From behind, Benjamin has a sack thrown over his head. His hands are bound, and he is taken out of the room. An hour later, he finds himself near the harbour, being unmasked. The Deadcoats then throw smoke pellets at the ground, and disappear.

Scene V - The Nautillean Offices II

Jack Pistol is in his office, scribbling away on parchment, while absent-mindedly throwing daggers at a target on the wall. The door then suddenly opens. Nicholas Nikolai and Il Natuilea are holding a woman between their arms. They shove her in the chair across from Jack, and the stand by the door.

Il Natuilea: We found her teaching gypsies how to read.

Jack Pistol nods.

Jack Pistol: Well, Miss Condrella, how are you?

Aplentia Condrella: You disgusting worm! Who are you and what is this about!?

Jack Pistol: Has your Mafia required your excellence in "cursing" lately?

Aplentia Condrella: Nay, but I might use it soon if you don't let me out of here!

Il Natuilea comes forward, and holds a blade to her neck.

Jack Pistol: Now, now, let's not be hasty.

Aplentia Condrella: Σας δεκάρα για την κόλαση!

Jack Pistol: Err....?

Aplentia Condrella: I've cursed no one! Now let me go!

Jack Pistol picks up a small copper ball on his desk, and looks at it with little interest.

Jack Pistol: So, Miss Condrella, what do you know about the murder that took place on Everglade Alley a few days ago?

Aplentia Condrella: Nothing more than anyone besides the detectives!

Jack Pistol: Liar.

Il Nautilea cuts Aplentia's cheek.

Aplentia Condrella: Alright! The Godhermit was a part of the murder, but he thought it was only going to be a heist, not a murder!

Jack Pistol: So he's aware Mr. Morganson has died?

Aplentia Condrella: Wha- what? He was seen just a day ago in town!

Jack Pistol: What? What's his address!?

Aplentia Condrella: And why should I tell you!

Nicholas Nikolai then holds a pistol to her head.

Aplentia Condrella: Outisde of town! Near the gorge!

Jack Pistol: Thank you. Now, I don't believe we need-

A ruckus is heard from the floor below. Moments later, the door is blown in, and several pirates are on the landing. Jack stands and draws his pistol, Nicholas unstraps his blunderbuss, and Il Nautilea draws two swords. In a large battle, Aplentia is taken by the pirates, and seven pirates are dead.

Jack Pistol: Check the bodies! Find one alive!

A soldier pulls a captured pirate up the stairs.

Jack Pistol: That was.... quick.

Tortugan Gangster #1: What do you want with me!?

Jack Pistol: I have plans for you....

The pirate is taken to the basement.

Scene VI - Investigating Mr. Morganson

Benjamin is in the inn, waiting for Kat and Lawrence. Jack Pistol enters.

Benjamin Macmorgan: 'Ello, Jack! Sit down, I have much to tell!

Jack Pistol: Do you?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Yes. Mr. Morganson was not the one murdered! And The Greaser is with us!

Jack Pistol: Yes, I found his records. He lives outside of town, seems to have dealings with the Tortugan Mafia.

The door opens, and Lawrence enters, with his coat missing, several scratches, hair ruined, and broken items. Kat follows him in, in a similar state.

Benjamin Macmorgan: What happened to you two!?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Nothing bad, until Kat insulted a voodoo priestess for... well... chatting with me.

Kat grumbles, and walks over to the bar. Lawrence walks over to where Benjamin and Jack are sitting.

Jack Pistol: Find out anything interesting?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Seems as though he was loved by the public: he often gave out clothes and food from stockhouses at Fort Dundee. He seemed to be in the tailor business for the East India Trading Company.

Jack Pistol: Excellent. Well, now that we know where he lives-

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Lives?

Benjamin Macmorgan: ah, yes, he's alive. Oh, and The Greaser is actually trying to help us!

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Excellent! So, maybe we should go investigate his home?

Jack Pistol: Yes, and I know where it is.

The four of them rise and leave the inn. They arrive at Morganson's Manor twenty minutes later. Benjamin knocks on the door.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Mr. Morganson, open up! We're with the Port Royal Investigation Squa-

The door flies open and Benjamin falls in the door. A hammer strikes him on the back of the head, knocking him unconcious. Jack, Lawrence, and Kat draw their pistols.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Stand down if you want to live!

Richard Morganson steps into the doorway with a blunderbuss.

Richard Morganson: You cursed gangsters aren't going to take me!

Jack Pistol: We're not with the mafia!

Richard Morganson: And how do I know that!?

Kat Walnutstone: Because if we were you'd be dead by now.

Richard begins to pull the trigger, but Lawrence shoots him in the leg, and he falls to his knees.

Richard Morganson: Argh! I oughtta have you arrested for assaultin' me!

Kat Walnutstone: Your lucky it wasn't your head!

Richard bites his lip in pain, as Jack and Lawrence hoist him up, and pull him into the drawing room. They lay him down on the couch, and Kat begins to tend his leg. Benjamin begins to wake up.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Ow.... what hit me? It felt like someone tossed a cannonball at my head... or another one of my un-birthday parties gone right..... ugh....

Benjamin stumbled around for a few minutes, then finds haven in an armchair.

Jack Pistol: So, Mr. Morganson, can you begin by telling us if you are aware of the murder we're investigating.

Richard Morganson: Ah.... now, which murder might it be?

Jack Pistol: The man carrying the warning from the Greaser.

Richard Morganson: That poor feller'.... too bad. I liked 'im, too.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: So.... you knew he was dead?

Richard Morganson: Aye, and he's been marked fer several months now!

Jack Pistol: So... you didn't report the conspiracy?

Richard Morganson: 'Course I didn'! Didn't want meself bein' shot!

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Sir, are you aware that not reporting this is a d'rect violation of law, and we could arrest you, without a warrant, on the spot?

Richard Morganson: I, err.... well, I uh..... tried to report it, but.... err.... me timin' was off, and uh..... I forg-

Jack Pistol: That's it! Your under arrest!

Jack slices rope from a hanging curtain, and ties Mr. Morganson down. They begin to leave the house, when they are found surrounded by a gang of twelve pirates. Benjamin is nowhere to be found.

Tortugan Caporegime #1: Hand 'im over.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: My good sir, I must refuse as he is currently in the possession of the-

A ramble is heard behind them. Benjamin appears, sleepily holding a blunderbuss. The detectives dodge to the side as he fires, sending him flying back a good three feet. All the Tortugans have been hit, and eight lay dead. Royal Navy soldiers come running.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: -law..... (facepalm) Benjamin!

Benjamin Macmorgan: I'm okay!

The Navy Sergeant approaches.

Navy Sergeant #1: Mr. Daggerpaine, there are pirates looking for you. Best escape port before they do find you!

An explosion is heard from the town.

Navy Sergeant #1: Move out!

The Navy soldiers flee to the town.

Jack Pistol: We have an escape route near here. C'mon!

Jack leads them to a door hidden behind a boulder. They pull the door open, and follow the passage to a private dock, where they leave for Port Royal.

Act III - Port Royal Town

Scene I - Chase

A horse-drawn carriage pulls up to the docks. From a nearby ship, Kat, Lawrence, Nicholas, Morganson, Benjamin, and Jack disembark. Lawrence, Kat, and Morganson move toward the carriage, while Nicholas, Benjamin, and Jack look for any suspicious activity.

Nicholas Nikolai: Place is clear, Pistol!

Jack Pistol: Don't be so sure, Mr. Nikolai....

Morganson is loaded into the carriage. As Lawrence attempts to get in, several figures rush from behind crates, and comandeer the carriage. They whip the horses, who begin running quickly. Jack and Nicholas draw their pistols and fire at the carriage, to no avail.

Jack Pistol: Blast!

A noble's carriage passes by. Benjamin jumps to the driver's seat, and pushes the driver off.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Climb on!

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Jack, cut them off ahead!

Kat and Benjamin jump on, while Jack and Nicholas jump on nearby horses, and ride off into a different direction. The carriage speeds off.

Kat Walnutstone: This carriage isn't meant to go this fast!

Benjamin Macmorgan: (Yelling from the outside) I don't care, just push open the doors and start shooting!

Lawrence grabs a cord from one of the curtains, and ties it to the door of the carriage. He then kicks ope nthe left-side door, leans out, and starts shooting.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Get in closer, Ben! I can't take the shot!

Benjamin Macmorgan: I'm givin' it all she's got, captain!

The chase continues, before the carriage finally gets close enough in. Benjamin and Kat open fire, striking the carriage, but not stopping it.

Kat Walnutstone: Where's Jack!? We can't keep this up forever!

Lawrence Daggerpaine: I dunno, just-

Just then, a horse jumps from an alley, and starts riding next to the comandeered carriage. Nicholas is riding the front of the horse, carrying a large pole. Jack is balancing himself on the horse's back.

Jack Pistol: I'm going to jump aboard! Try to slow them down some!

Nicholas Nikolai: Yessir!

Nicholas, using the pole, shoves it into the window of the carriage. He then attempts to hit the masked driver, to no avail. He finally begins hitting the horses pulling the carriage. Jack jumps aboard, just as the flustered horses turn down another street. Nicholas' horse continues down the same street, confused. Benjamin's carriage turns down the same street, and continues the chase.

Jack Pistol: (Yelling from on top of the other carriage) Slow it down!

Jack then slides in through the broken window, and a fistfight can be vaguely heard. Lawrence's gun slips as he attempts to fire, and the bullet strikes a horse, sending it into a frenzy. The carriage eventually tips, shattering. Benjamin's carriage stops, and Nicholas runs onto the scene, horseless.

Nicholas Nikolai: Jack!

Nicholas and Lawrence begin sifting through the wreckage. They pull out Jack and Morganson, both unconscious.

Scene II - Port Royal Medical Center

Jack and Morganson lay on cots in the same ward. The group stands around Jack as he begins to wake.

Jack Pistol: What.... what happened?

Benjamin Macmorgan: You mean you don't remember!? It was like bam! Crash! Woosh!

Benjamin continues explaining while making action sounds, and waving his arms around.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Uh.... yes.... quite.

The door opens, and Simon Redskull enters.

Simon Redskull: I suppose you've caught the murderer?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Ah, well.... no. But we have a good lead!

Simon Redskull: Ugh! I knew I should've just bribed Livingston to do it!

Kat Walnutstone: Now hold on there! We have enough information, we're just coming back to hire a boat to take us to Tortuga!

Simon Redskull: And why'd you want to go to that hellpit?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Because we have a clue that leads us there.

Jack Pistol: Um, yes, a clue... but I think we should... ah.... be very cautious about our disguises.

Benjamin Macmorgan: We can use my disguise mustaches!

Jack Pistol: I think we might need a better disguise artist...

Simon Redskull: If you need me, I'll be at the Rowdy Rooster.

Simon leaves, mumbling to himself.

Benjamin Macmorgan: So, I suppose we'll need a charter to Tortuga?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Probably. Ben, we'll go ask the governor. Kat, Nicholas, stay with Jack and Morganson.

Scene III - Yelloweagle Co. Shop

Jason sits quietly in his parlor, reading a book. He hears a noise outside.

Jason Yelloweagle: What the devil is that?

Jason rises to his feet, and looks out the window. Several pirates stand outside the shop with torches, forcing their way in.

Jason Yelloweagle: Oh dear!

The parlor door slams open, and two filthy pirates stand there. They grab Jason.

Jason Yelloweagle: Please don't hurt me!

A noise is heard further down the street, like marching boots. Deadcoats then swarm the street, but not before Jason is taken.

Scene IV - Yelloweagle Co. Shop II

A burned Yelloweagle Co. shop stands before the Saveur Pirates Jeu detectives.

Jack Pistol: What could've caused this fire?

Deadcoat Captain: We saw several masked bandits burning the place... and they took Mr. Yelloweagle.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Thanks for the help, captain. Any news from the Greaser?

Deadcoat Captain: He says he's been able to track the men who attacked Morganson's estate, they're definitely on Tortuga.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Excellent. Now all we need is permission from the Governor. Thank you captain, you are dismissed.

The deadcoat runs off.

Kat Walnutstone: So, we know who started the fire.... to a degree-

Benjamin Macmorgan: Aha! I get it! A degree! Ha.... oh, sorry...

Jack rolls his eyes, and hobbles forward, still feeling pain from the carriage crash. After several minutes, he finds some ripped black cloth, a medallion, and some broken metal.

Jack Pistol: Hey, come over here! Look at this!

Lawrence, Kat, and Benjamin walk over.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Hmm.... the cloth looks like it was ripped from those masked bandits.... let me see that.

Benjamin grabs the cloth, takes out a disk of warped glass, and begins staring at the cloth through the glass, muttering every so often.

Kat Walnutstone: The metal looks like it came from a sword, or dagger of some sort. I can't tell if these are inscriptions or melted metal.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: And look at this medallion.... it's almost like it was left here for us.... it's not even singed! Gather up the evidence, and take this to the office.

Scene V - The Sauveurs Pirates Jeu Office

The group sits around a table, reviewing the evidence. Benjamin is off in a corner, looking at something.

Jack Pistol: So.... let's start with the cloth. Benjamin, what have you discovered from it so far?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Well, so far, I can tell it's black, has soot stains, and was probably ripped off.

Lawrence furrows his brow angrily, Jack's face grows red, and Kat accidentally breaks her quill from gripping it so hard.

Jack Pistol: Benjamin, we know that! What else! Anything chemical? Anything that helps us?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Oh, yes. It seems of Spaniard sewing, wool, I'd say. It's obviously seen a lot of wear, there are some stretch marks in the seams. The rips seem clean, like a deadcoat's bayonet cut it. And there's some red staining here, probably blood. I'd assume this came from a Spanish Inquisitor, someone closely associated with them, or someone who's raided them and worn it often.

The other three's shoulders slump, and they instantly seem cooler.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: How... how did you figure all that out so quickly? I mean, the Spanish threads and and where it came from?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Well, there's part of a tag on one side, that reads "o en España", which would say in English, "e in Spain." Assuming that "e" is from "made," I could deduce it was made in Spain. As for the wool, it says "Lana" on it, which is Spanish for "Wool." And the wear is pretty obvious, I mean look how loose these threads are!

Kat Walnutstone: That's what I call intuition!

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Now, what about the broken metal?

Jack picks up the metal, moving it slowly through his hand. He holds it near the candle, and scorches it slightly.

Jack Pistol: Italian metal. Very nice, very strong. Probably came from a dagger. However....

Jack runs his hand along the scorch mark, and attempts to chip away at the metal, to no avail.

Jack Pistol: It looks like it's got some Damascan welding... this is obviously from a Black Guard soldier.... or it was. Based on the bends here, and here, I'd assume it was dented before the scuffle at Yelloweagle's place. The dents were made by something weaker, probably a not-well crafted sword. Probably plundered off of some poor chap. It broke last night, I can tell by the jagged end of the metal.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: So we can rule out any East India Trading Company or Royal Navy involvement?

Jack Pistol: Unless the pillagers were English pirates, yes.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: And what of the medallion?

Kat leans over the medallion.

Kat Walnutstone: Hmm.... copper, one pound, with inscriptions. They're in Latin, but it's pretty rough. It's also got a bull on it. With any guess, I'd assume it's the Legion, led by that freakshow Caesar.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: This is good evidence to go on... Jack, can you find the last known location of the Legion?

Jack Pistol: I'll get to it.

Jack walks out of the room, scratching the scruff on his chin.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: I'll be paying a visit to the Governor. Benjamin, keep checking out that evidence, find me if you need anything else. Kat, go to the fort and make sure Morganson is protected. Do not leave until we come and find you.

Lawrence leaves.

Scene VI - The Governor's Mansion

Lawrence enters the Governor's office with Simon.

Lawrence Daggerpaine & Simon Redskull: Governor.

Weatherby Swann: Ah, boys! Sit down, tell me what you need?

Simon Redskull: It's about the murder, sir.

Swann's face darkens.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Yes, sir, we've found quite a bit of evidence. Let me tell you of our mission so far.

Weatherby Swann: Yes... yes, let's hear it.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: So, we started by investigating the body. It had a note written by a man named The Greaser, to Morganson, who we suspected was the dead man. Assuming he, or one of his henchmen, the Deadcoats, was the killer, we proceeded to Padres del Fuego, where we met up with our agent, Jack Pistol. The next day, Mr. Pistol looked through files of Morganson, Mr. Macmorgan looked through his financial status, and my sister and I looked through his social standings. During Macmorgan's investigation of his bank, several Deadcoats went looking for him. After a fiasco, Macmorgan was brought to The Greaser, where we found out The Greaser was trying to help us find Morganson, and that Morganson was not the man murdered.

Weatherby Swann: So, who was?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Well... his courier, who was, in fact, performing some illegal duties for Morganson. But, anyway, with Mr. Pistol's help, we found his manor, and after a fight with some Tortugans, we got here. He was taken by some goons in a carriage chase-

Weatherby Swann: That was you all making that ruckus?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Well, yes, and we're quite sorry. So, as I was saying, we got chased, and when we recovered Morganson, we had him patched up, and chucked him in a cell. That night, as you may have heard, the witness' house was burned, and he was taken. But, from the evidence recovered, we've deduced that it was a group of pirates called Caesar's Legion-

Weatherby Swann: Caesar's Legion was here!? Burning down houses!?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: I'm afraid so, Mr. Governor.

Swann calls in a guard.

Weatherby Swann: Double.... no, triple!... patrols!

The guard leaves.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: So, in the meantime, we need to track those Tortugans. We think they murdered Morganson's courier.

Weatherby Swann: Yes... yes, that is the point of the case, after all. What do you need? I'll have it for you!

Simon Redskull: They would like approved passage to Tortuga, sir.

Swann begins to look flustered, but then regains himself, pulls out a document from a nearby book, and stamps it.

Weatherby Swann: Approved. But I cannot supply a ship, you need to find one yourself. Now, if you'll please leave, I'd like to draw a bath...

Lawrence and Simon rise and leave. Outside, they encounter Elizabeth Swann.

Elizabeth Swann: Mr. Daggerpaine-

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Please, m'lady, call me Lawrence.

Elizabeth Swann: If you so wish. I could not help but overhear your conversation with my father, and I'd like to help.

Simon Redskull: How so?

Elizabeth Swann: There's a man, Johnathan Coaleaston. He works for the East India Trading Company's military personnel, and he takes care of some special operations. He could take you there. He'll be at the docks today. And... tell him I sent you.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Thank you, m'lady.

Lawrence and Simon walk out of the Governor's courtyard, while Elizabeth goes into the garden.

Scene VII - The Royal Anchor

Jack Pistol enters the Royal Anchor, where he sees a familiar man.

Jack Pistol: Well, well, well, look who we have here.... Captain Andrew Mallace.

Andrew Mallace: Ah, Mr. Pistol, what a pleasant surprise.

Jack Pistol: Heard you went on a tour of the Caribbean islands?

Andrew Mallace: Ah, yes.... recently returned.

Jack Pistol: Had any dealings with the Legion?

Andrew Mallace: Had any dealings with the crime gangs?

Jack Pistol: How.... you answer first.

Andrew Mallace: Why should I?

Jack pulls a long dagger from his sleeve, and holds it to Mallace's abdomen.

Jack Pistol: Because this blade can split hair.

Mallace gulps.

Andrew Mallace: Yes.... yes, Mr. Pistol. I have in fact met the Legion. They held me hostage for several weeks, before I was released.

Jack Pistol: Ah... and where did you last see them?

Andrew Mallace: Sailing towards Tortuga.... a few weeks ago, I suppose. Said they had something big planned for the Mafia. I don't know, I'm not a Frumentarii. You might go ask Lord Garland, up at the fort, he used to be a Praetorian.

Jack Pistol: Thank you for the help.

Jack gets up, but as he turns, there's a click behind him. Mallace is aiming a pistol at his back.

Andrew Mallace: You never answered my question.

Jack sighs.

Jack Pistol: Aye. Rather recently, too.

Andrew Mallace: Which one?

Jack Pistol: The Tortugans.

Andrew Mallace: Pistol! Are you mad? No one deals with the Godhermit and lives!

Two men suddenly rise from the bar and look at Mallace.

Hitman #1: Did someone say "Godhermit"?

Andrew Mallace: Ah.... n-no. 'C-course we didn't.

Hitman #1: Hey, Antonio, you think he's lying?

Hitman #2: Yeah, I think he's lying, Matteo.

Hitman #1: Yeah, and we don't like liars.

Mallace turns to Jack.

Andrew Mallace: If you want to finish up, do it now, before we die.

Jack Pistol: We ain't dying today.

Jack pulls two pistols from his belt, and begins firing. Mallace dives to the floor, and starts shooting. The hitmen start firing back. After a long fight, both hit men are dead.

Andrew Mallace: Well, that's that. Good luck on your investigation.

Mallace gets up and leaves.

Scene VIII - Fort Charles Detainment Cells

Kat and Nicholas stand guard in front of Morganson's cell.

Richard Morganson: Where're ye puttin' me! I ain't takin' no hanging!

Nicholas Nikolai: Oh, shut it, ye loon, or I'll place some bullets in your skull!

Morganson scurries to the back of the cell. Lawrence enters a minute later, with Benjamin in tail.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Well, off to Tortuga!

Benjamin Macmorgan: Aye! I'll go fetch security to keep an eye on our friend here.

Benjamin walks away. After a few minutes, a distressed Jack enters.

Jack Pistol: Hullo....

Kat Walnutstone: What's the matter?

Jack hesitates, saying his words carefully.

Jack Pistol: N-nothing.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: You're sure? Nothing wrong?

Jack Pistol: No.... I just need to find Garland.

Jack rises and leaves. Benjamin re-enters.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Security detail will be here soon! Are we all set?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Once Jack gets back.

Meanwhile, in Lord Garland's office...

Jack enters, and Garland looks up.

Lord Jeremiah Garland: Ah.... Mallace said you'd be coming by.

Jack Pistol: Did he now?

Lord Jeremiah Garland: Yes. I am also aware he told you of my former status as a praetorian.

Jack Pistol: Former? What, did he promote you to Frumentarii?

Lord Jeremiah Garland: No. I left of my own free will.

Jack Pistol: Free will in the Legion? That's something you don't hear of every day, is it?

Lord Jeremiah Garland: Boy, speak what you want before I have you hung!

Jack Pistol: Fine. What is the current status of the Legion?

Lord Jeremiah Garland: They are held up in the mountains of Tortuga, leading raiding parties against the town, and clearing them of "profligates".

Jack Pistol: Excellent.... and one more thing. Do yourself a favor, and trim that unkempt beard.

Jack grins, and leaves the office.

Back at detainment cell...

Jack re-enters the room.

Jack Pistol: Let's get moving.

Scene IX - The Docks

Johnny Coaleaston is on the docks, ordering soldiers to move boxes.

Johnny Coaleaston: Move that gunpowder onto the third deck!

Lawrence approaches Coaleaston.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Excuse me, Lieutenant Coaleaston.

Johnny Coaleaston: What do you- Ah... 'ello, good sir! How may I be of service to you on this wonderful seafaring day?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: With permission from the Governor, and recommendation from his daughter, I request you transport me and my.... friends to Tortuga on official business.

Johnny Coaleaston: Ah, come aboard, come aboard! Just in time, or we might've shoved off without you!

The group thanks Coaleaston and climbs aboard.

Act IV - Tortuga

Scene I - The Docks

The group arrive on the docks of Tortuga, as the sun sets.

Johnny Coaleaston: I warn you, this town isn't a place for you all. Find lodgings in the pub down the street, the Green Krakken. Lots of soldiers there, you know what I mean? Well, I'm off.

Johnny walks off with several men, shooting beggars and attackers as they move through the rowdy crowd.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Right, you lot. This is enemy territory. No sudden-

The group realizes Benjamin is missing. They spot him a moment later, playing with some peddler's device, which erupts into flames after falling near a torch.

Kat Walnutstone: Benjamin Macmorgan! Get your damned ass over here, or we'll skin you alive!

Benjamin walks back over, looking ashamed.

Jack Pistol: Right. Now, let's head down to this Green Kraken and-

Several voices echo out from the crowds amongst the docks. It looks like several Tortugan mobsters have spotted the group.

Nicholas Nikolai: We've been spotted!

Nicholas draws a pistol from his coat and begins firing at them. Not a moment later, the rest join in, before the entire dock is in a fight, with everyone on their own side.

Kat Walnutstone: Let's get the Hell out of here!

The group runs off down the street.

Scene II - The Green Krakken

The group enters the Green Krakken. It is a large, dark pub, with a rickety staircase leading up fifteen feet or so to the next level. It consists of a bar, seating, a fireplace, and several other oddities, like a singing group.

GK Doorman: Ahoy an' welcome to the Green Krakken! This fine drinkin' establishment be run by Mr. Horatio Parka', for a near five years! We offer a lot o' entertainment: drinks, performers, and not but not least, some rather fine wenches-

Kat punches the doorman in the face.

Kat Walnutstone: Let's go...

The group pushes past the unconscious doorman, and heads to the bar, where they sit on some stools.

John "Keg" Mark: Ahoy, mates! What can I get you!?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Five small rooms, please.

The bartender grunts happily as he takes five keys out of a drawer, and writes something on a paper. He hands out the keys.

John "Keg" Mark: There ye go, there ye go! Anythin' else?

Jack Pistol: Five shots of your finest rum, on me.

Jack puts five gold coins on the bar. A minute later, five bottles of fine rum are poured out before them. Jack and Nicholas chug theirs in one gulp.

Nicholas Nikolai: Just like old times!

Jack Pistol: Aye.... think I'll be goin' to bed. See you in the mornin'.

Jack shakily rises, and walks off, and up the staircase.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Aye, the rest of you best be goin' as well. Early start tomorrow!

Scene III - Tortuga Marketplace

The group, disguised in cloaks and other various garbs, walks through a crowd of people picking food out of a market. Jack and Nicholas both hold guns in their sleeves.

Jack Pistol: Speak to no one.

Nicholas Nikolai: And if we get in a fight, let Mr. Pistol and I do the fighting. Heheh.....

Suddenly out of the crowd, a large black man approaches them, flanked by four pirates. He is much taller than any of them, about 7'8".

The Godhermit: Well, well.... look who we have here!

Jack Pistol: I could say the same thing, slime.

The Godhermit: Watch what your tongue says, lest I take it out and use it as flavoring in my wine. Now, you'll listen to me, or-

Phantom: Or what?

Several men step out of the crowd. They are heavily scarred, vary all races, and are dressed randomly.

The Godhermit: Phantom!

Phantom: What, thought I wouldn't show up again? We aren't cowards.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Okay, someone tell me what is going on!? Who is this Poltergeist guy!? And why do you guys not like each other?

Phantom: It's Phantom!

Steel: Yeah, an' we're the toughest gang in the Caribbean!

Messi: Aye aye!

Phantom glares at Steel and Messi, then looks back at the investigators.

Phantom: And what does the Tortugan Mafia have to do with you?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: What business is it of yours?

The Godhermit: Well, seeing as you're horribly outnumbered, how about you both come with me, eh?

The Godhermit whistles, and several dozen mafians appear in the crowd.

Phantom: Looks like we'll have to fight our way out!

Phantom draws a long dagger and a pistol. Steel and Messi draw two swords each. The rest of Phantom's gang draw an array of weapons. Jack and Nicholas pull out their pistols. Lawrence, Kat, and Benjamin each draw a blade. A fight begins.

Phantom: Get back to the docks! Hurry! We'll cover your escape!

Lawrence Daggerpaine: We aren't retreating!

Steel: You'll be slaughtered!

Jack and Nicholas both stop abruptly, and look at Steel. They then burst into laughter, and each draw a sword, slaughtering many mafians in seconds.

Nicholas Nikolai: Die, filthy buggers! Haha!

Jack Pistol: Ye see, boy, we aren't any odd ball investigators! We're Nautilleans! En garde!

The fight continues, and the mafians are slowly depleted.

The Godhermit: Retreat, and live to fight another day!

The mafia retreats.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Whew.... now that that's over, who's up for a drink in the Faithful Bride? I always fancied that place, when I conquered Tortuga back in the day...

Phantom: He runs out of the Bride. You'd be going to your death. Where are you staying?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: The Green Krakken, why?

Phantom: Because we're taking down the Godhermit.

Phantom walks to the docks.

Scene IV - The Faithful Bride

The Godhermit's consigilere, John Macmonger, enters his office. The Godhermit's wounds have not yet healed over.

John Macmonger: Godhermit, I am terribly sorry about the-

The Godhermit: Save it.

John Macmonger: Sir-

The Godhermit: I said "Save it."

The Godermit rises.

The Godhermit: You. You have failed me, Macmonger. Your relatives keep you alive. I have arranged a transport to a private island, where you will live out your days. You are terminated.

The Godhermit turns to the window, and looks outside. Two men come and take Macmonger from the room. A scream is heard outside, and the men return a moment later with Macmonger's head.

Tortugan Enforcer #1: The body is being prepared.

The Godhermit: Excellent. Tonight, I shall feast.

Scene V - The Green Krakken II

Phantom, Steel, Messi, and three others sit near the fireplace. The investigators approach them and sit with them.

Phantom: Why are you here?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: We have information that The Godhermit is behind a murder.

Phantom's gang breaks into total laughter.

Steel: Aye, and which of the thousands of murders might that one be!?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: The Murder on Everglade Alley.

The gang stops laughing.

Phantom: Don't meddle in that, boy. You'll be dead soon enough if you continue.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: At this point, we're already marked, what's the harm in knowing a little more?

Phantom: You'll die more painfully.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: I don't fear death.

Phantom: You shouldn't. You should fear what they'll do to you, to cause your death. Those Hijos del Oro are wretched bastards.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Burritos gel Or- what!? These people are sick!

Jack slap Benjamin on the back of the head.

Jack Pistol: Hijos del Oro! Get your mind out of the gutter, boy!

Phantom: Will you both shut up! Don't yell that name too loudly or we're all doomed.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: So, it was they who killed the courier?

Phantom: No. I killed him.

Lawrence, Benjamin, and Nicholas draw pistols.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: By order of Governor Weatherby Swann, representative of His Majesty, King George II of Great Britain, I hereby place you under arrest! you are now in custody of the High Court of England, and you are hereby my prisoner!

Phantom's gang draw their weapons.

Phantom: Drop 'em.

Realizing they're outnumbered, the investigators give up their guns.

Phantom: Hidden blades, too.

Lawrence pulls a blade from his boot, Benjamin pulls a feather from his hat, replacing it with a real feather, and Nicholas empties about ten blades from various areas.

Phantom: Ladies are not exception.

Kat groans, and walks towards the ladies room. Phantom nods, and the cleanest gang member follows. Moments later, he comes back holding two daggers gingerly, with Kat in trail.

Phantom: All weapons gone? Good. Now, if you imprison me for murdering that courier, you'd be imprisoning me for keeping Europe in the Caribbean.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: What?

Phantom: Morganson plays - played - for the Hijos del Oro. He's probably dead now.

Jack Pistol: How do you know?

Phantom: He was a loose end. As was his courier.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Speaking of which-

Phantom: The courier was going to pick it up.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Pick what up?

Phantom: I don't know. But if the Hijos del Oro want it, it's bad.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Then why are we even going after The Godhermit if he's enemies with them?

Jack gets tense.

Phantom: Because he's not. He thought it would work flawlessly, he'd get his share of the profit, and never have another thing to do with it. But, they were conning him. Now he wants revenge.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: So what do you plan to do?

Phantom: He'll plan a meeting with you soon. You're going to kill him.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Summon me to a meeting!? First, how could I get a gun through his security? Second, he can't die!

Phantom pulls a small, metal bullet from a pouch on his belt. It has a purple tint.

Phantom: Cursed bullets. Now, all we need is-

A gang member enters the pub and heads to the fireplace.

Phantom's Messanger: Sir....

The messenger hands Phantom a box. Phantom opens it, and inside is a gruesomely severed head.

Phantom: What is this!?

Phantom's Messanger: John Macmonger is dead, sir.

Phantom: Dammit! Messi, find me a man who can get a gun into the Faithful Bride, now!

Messi gets up and scrambles off.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: You.... want me to get the gun out of a toilet? You expect me to reach my hand down a hole, and extract a feces-covered snaplock, without trouble?

Phantom: I don't see why not.

Jack Pistol: If I may interrupt, but, we've got no chance of this working. The Godhermit will request us, the investigators. All of us.

Phantom: Wrong, Mr. Pistol.

Jack cocks an eyebrow.

Jack Pistol: Your right, he'll want me. So tell me, how did you know my last name was Pistol, when I've only introduced myself as Jack?

Phantom glares at him.

Phantom: I don't know. Why would he want you, Pistol? Tell your friends.

Jack Pistol: Now is not the time.

Phantom: Sure it is, we've got all night.

Jack sighs.

Jack Pistol: The Godhermit and I.... are not on good terms. The Nautilleans, we were running a cartel.... the Tortugan Mafia wanted a dig... I was captured, and released on the promises that they would get a scoop of the action. I betrayed my word, and we Nautilleans grew stronger, developed better bonds. The Godhermit was not pleased... some things happened-

Phantom: Jack. Tell them the whole story.

Jack Pistol: Fine. Damn you, Phantom.... Phantom and I were in the same cell. I was desperate. I was told that they'd let me go if I signed a bond to never return to the rock they placed us on. I agreed. Came back a few years later and tried to break him out. I succeeded... to a degree.

Lawrence shakes his head in disbelief.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Jackson! (Punches Jack in the face) You're a failure to society! You broke the bonds of a Sicilian mafia, and risked men's lives, just to save your skin! You should be thrown to the sea in chains-

Nicholas Nikolai: Don't you dare touch Mr. Pistol!

Nicholas takes a swing at Lawrence, knocking him to the floor. Phantom draws a gun as Lawrence reaches for the fire poker by the hearth.

Phantom: Why don't you let him finish, Daggerpaine?

Jack regains himself.

Jack Pistol: So, after "suceeding," I knew I couldn't leave Phantom and the others. We formed the Ethereals, Phantom's gang. We did what we could to stop the Tortugans reign. There was another, Demon... he's still missing.

Jack looks at Phantom, then looks at Lawrence. Lawrence simply glares back. The silence is broken by Messi returning with the messanger, and the bartender.

Messi: See, Keg? These are the peoples I was talkin' about!

The bartender looks them over, then points to Benjamin.

John "Keg" Mark: You! Come with me.

Kat Walnutstone: Where are you taking Benjamin!?

Messi: Places.

Messi, the bartender, and Benjamin walk off. Benjamin grabs a knife from a nearby table and stuffs it in his coat, slyly so only the investigators noticed.

Phantom's Messanger: Sir, I've received word from the Godhermit. He'd like to meet with the investigators... shall I tell him one is incapacitated?

Phantom: Yes, that'll be best.

The messanger runs off.

Kat Walnutstone: Incapacitated!? What?

Benjamin returns with Messi and the bartender a moment later. Benjamin is dressed up like a bartender.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Ey! Can I-a, how yousa say, take-a you order?

Lawrence cracks a grin.

Benjamin Macmorgan: So... based on what Messi's told me, I'll be planting the gun?

Messi: Aye!

John "Keg" Mark: My company will be there, servicing the Godhermit. If he gets in any trouble...

The bartender draws out a long barrel pistol, with a five round chamber.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Alright....

Lawrence glares at Jack once more.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: You've still got explaining to do, Pistol.

Lawrence, Kat, and Benjamin walk off. Kat is quietly starting to cry, whispering "I trusted him." The rest of Phantom's gang leaves as well.

Phantom: The girl, she have something for you?

Jack Pistol: I don't know.... I certainly don't have any feelings about her.

Nicholas Nikolai: I don't know, Mr. Pistol, she's quite a looker.

Jack rolls his eyes.

Jack Pistol: It's time to confirm your theory, Nicholas. Phantom, was that courier cursed?

Phantom sighs.

Phantom: Karma is a funny mistress.

Jack cocks an eyebrow.

Phantom: That courier, he was on our side. He was to return what the Hijos del Oro wanted stolen to us. I knew he was switching sides again, as his deal was coming to a close. His time was up, it was too risky. I murdered him.

Jack Pistol: It's good to see you again, Phantom.

They dive into conversation.

Scene VI - The Faithful Bride II

Lawrence approaches the Faithful Bride with Jack, Kat, and Nicholas in tow.

FB Bouncer: Password?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: We were told to come to the Godhermit today.

FB Bouncer: Oh, yes, hows-a could I forgets, no?

The bouncer opens the door, and leads them to the Godhermit's table.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Greetings, Godhermit.

The Godhermit waves his hand to the empty seats.

The Godhermit: Sit down.

The four investigators sit down. Several enforcers, and a Black Guard captain, sit near the Godhermit.

The Godhermit: I hear you believe I committed a murder?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Yes.

The Godhermit: Let me assure you, it was not me, but that crook Phantom.

Suddenly a waiter approaches the table... it's Benjamin!

Benjamin Macmorgan: (In an Italian accent) Eh! Hows-a we all doin' today? Good? Good. So, whats-a can I gets you for a drink, hmm?

The Godhermit: Rum for all of us... on me.

Benjamin nods and runs to the bar, fetches several steins of rum, and puts them on the table. He then scrambles off.

The Godhermit: I hear you run Daggerpaine Industries? Eh? You might consider... setting up a business? I have an offer you cannot refuse-

Jack Pistol: With all do respect, don, we don't want any of your b-

An enforcer rises.

Tortugan Enforcer #1: Let the Godhermit finish.

The Godhermit: Thank you. As I was saying... (glares at Jack) We at the Tortugan Mafia, formerly known as the Cranes, run a wide variety of businesses. We could easily put you out of the market, or send you to the top...

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Wait? What are you proposing?

The Godhermit: Narcotics, rum, anything the black market has to-

Jack Pistol: May I be excused? I have to go to the restroom.

The Godhermit snaps, and a bucket is brought around the table to Jack.

Jack Pistol: Err... I like to do my business in private...

The Godhermit: It can wait until I'm gone, as I like to do my business in private.

Benjamin overhears and looks at Jack, who nods back. Benjamin runs off out of the parlor.

In the bathroom (which is a bench built into the wall with a hole in the center that drops down fifty feet or so...) Benjamin pulls up the top of the lid up, revealing a box stuck to the bottom, which is well hidden. He opens it, and pulls out a pistol, checks the chamber, stuffs it in his pocket, and leaves.

Back in the parlor, Benjamin has just arrived to see the Godhermit getting angry.

The Godhermit: You dare talk to me like that! I'll run you out of business you pitiful-

Benjamin Macmorgan: Mr. Godhermit.... say hello to my little friend!

Benjamin attempts to slyly pull the pistol, but nearly drops it, resulting in it being tossed in the air several times before he grabs it. He fires as the enforcers lunge in, killing them. He then shoots the Godhermit in the shoulder.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Let's go!

Benjamin grabs kitchen knives from his belt, and gives them to the investigators. They run onto the street.

Scene VII - Tortuga Town

The investigators run onto the street, to find Phantom's men in combat with several goons.

Phantom: Get to the marketplace!

The investigators, dodging bullet fire, run down a side street.

Steel: Sir, they'll be trapped!

Phantom: I doubt tha-

A large explosion knocks down a nearby tower. A figure slides from the alleyway facing the tower, and quickly slays the Tortugans. Several other men enter the square, all sporting Roman clothing, or similar.

Phantom: Falcon....

Legate Falcon: Gut gut, das ist die band von schändet wurde ich darüber informiert?

A praetorian winces, and speaks to Falcon in broken German.

Praetorian #1: Ja sir. Und sie... sprechen Deutsch wieder, sir.

The legate realizes he is speaking German.

Legate Falcon: Danke, praetor. Soo, dis is ze scrabble, hmm?

Phantom: Scrabble? Hardly, freakshow.

The legate tilts his head.

Legate Falcon: (Whispering to the praetor) Eh... iz "freekshoow" an insult?

The praetor nods.

Legate Falcon: Ah... kill zem, and bring me zeir bones!

The members of Caesar's Legion surge forward, weapons drawn.

Phantom: Run!

Phantom throws down a small grenade which erupts in hot smoke.

Scene VIII - Tortuga Marketplace II

Phantom's gang reappears on the rooftops as rain begins. Phantom stands atop a tall three-story building watching the investigators.

Phantom: Spread out, keep the Legion off 'em! Time your shots in the thunder!

Meanwhile, in the market....

Lawrence Daggerpaine: We have to keep moving!

Kat Walnutstone: But what about Phantom!?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: He can hand-

Three Legionaries jump out from behind market stalls.

Legionary #1: You'll be coming with us, profligates.

Nicholas steps between the investigators and the Legionaries.

Nicholas Nikolai: You wanna piece of me, boy!?

Thunder echoes, and the three Legionaries fall dead. Nicholas gasps, before regaining his composure.

Nicholas Nikolai: I... uh.... meant to do that?

Jack Pistol: Run!

The investigators begin running as all Hell breaks loose in the marketplace.

Jack Pistol: Split up! Nikolai, take Benjamin and Katherine to safety! I'll go with Daggerpaine!

Nicholas grabs Benjamin and Kat as a grenade explodes. He pulls them behind a market stall.

Nicholas Nikolai: Stay under cover!

Nicholas draw his pistols and begins firing from cover.

Scene IX - Venom Alley

Jack and Lawrence sprint through the marketplace. They reach an alley, and slip under the arch. After running a short distance, they find themselves in a strange, newer marketplace.

Jack Pistol: Dammit, we must've taken a wrong turn! We're in-

Legate Falcon: Veenom Alleh.

The legate steps from the dark, flanked by two praetorians.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Ah.... Jack?

Jack glances over.

Jack Pistol: Um....

Jack squints, and looks around. He notices an ammunitions shop on the other side of the alley.

Jack Pistol: (Whispering to Lawrence) Have any high explosives in that coat of yours?

Lawrence sticks his hand in his pocket, and pulls out a few small pellets.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Delay of five seconds. Use them at your mark.

The legate and his praetorians begin closing in.

Jack Pistol: Now!

Jack throws the pellets towards the shop.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Take cover!

The shop blows up, sending the legate and his praetorians flying. Jack is slammed into a building, and Lawrence is thrown several feet back.

Jack Pistol: That was.... unpleasant.

Lawrence rises, and approaches Jack. He punches him in the nose. He then picks up Jack by the coat.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Endanger us again, and you're going to have worse than a bloody nose. I'll have my eyes on watch, Pistol.

He slams Jack back into the wall, and lets him collapse. Lawrence draws his sword, and runs down the alley, leaving Jack dazed.

Jack slowly rises, and stumbles around for a few minutes. Finally, an unknown figure rushes forward to help him.

Andrew Mallace: You alright, Pistol?

Jack spits out some blood.

Andrew Mallace: Guess not. C'mon, let's get you out of here.

Andrew wraps an arm around Jack, and they slowly make their way out of Venom Alley.

Scene X - Tortuga Marketplace III

Lawrence sprints through the crossfire, and slides behind a stall adjacent to the other investigators.

Nicholas Nikolai: Where's Mr. Pistol!?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: He should've been right behind me!

Benjamin Macmorgan: We can't worry now!

An explosion rockets, and a building explodes. Tortugan gangsters climb over the wreckage, several of them bleeding or covered in soot. They soon join the fray, picking off Legionaries and Phantom's gang. An echo is heard from the Legionaries.

Praetorian #2: Find those profligates!

The Legionaries begin knocking over market stalls. Soon they find the investigators.

Legionary #4: Hiding like cowards....

Phantom's voice can be heard.

Phantom: No!

A short scream, and silence.

Praetorian #2: Return to the camp, now!

All Legionaries: True to Caesar!

The investigators are grabbed and taken away, as what's left of Phantom's gang fights the Tortugans.

Act V - Legate's Camp

Scene I - Prisoner's Pen

The investigators are tossed into a small pen, made out of a small rocky hole, with a few other Tortugan townsfolk.

Nicholas Nikolai: Argh! That was the longest damned trek! How can they make that every day!

Kat looks up towards the peak of a nearby hill, and gasps. Atop the hill is a large tent, with several people tied to crosses outside.

Benjamin Macmorgan: They're.... crucifying people? Monsters!

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Look who's on the biggest one.

On the biggest crucifix, Phantom hangs, badly injured. The guard outside the pen yells down.

Legion Guard: Keep it quiet, profligates, or you'll be up there next! The Legate has an appointment with you, and I might just give him a report on your bad behavior!

Benjamin shuts his mouth.

Scene II - The Legate's Tent

Legate Falcon sits at a wooden chair. He has a pegleg, an eyepatch, and he is burned and scratched in several places. Ignoring the pain, he stands and paces in the tent.

Legate Falcon: Bring zem in!

The tent flap is pulled back, and the investigators are chucked inside. The legate recognizes Lawrence immediately.

Legate Falcon: Ah, du... du cost me my leg! Kreuzigung ist deine strafe! Bereiten ihn!

Two legionaries step forward, and strip him of all but his undergarments. They take him from the tent.

Kat Walnutstone: Where are you-

Legate Falcon: Shweigen, girl!

He steps forward and slaps her.

Legate Falcon: Du speak when spoken to!

Kat makes a strange noise in her throat. Nicholas wraps his arm around her shoulders.

Legate Falcon: Now, wut iz your purpose here?

Benjamin Macmorgan: We were tracking a murder...

Legate Falcon: Ah! To slay him for rächen, yes? Maybe du are not profleegates after all, mmm?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Ah... no, sir. We were attempting to bring him to Port Royal so he could face a fair court judgement.

The legate's face turns sour.

Legate Falcon: Profligates. Throw them in ze pen, they weell fight for our vergnügung ze night after dis.

The guards come forward, and grab the investigators. A man rises from his seat in the corner, and approaches the legate. It looks like.... Garland!

Frumentarii Garland: With all do respect, sir, perhaps they should be kept in the pen to starve. They are obviously not fit to fight. A female and a scrawny male? They wouldn't last, and it would hardly be amusement.

Benjamin opens his mouth to argue, but a guard hits him.

Legate Falcon: Ja, zu may be right. But what about zat beefy one?

Nicholas Nikolai: Oi, I'm just big-boned!

Garland looks Nicholas over.

Frumentarii Garland: Most of the slaves are too weak to lift heavy things like stone. Perhaps he could be of use there?

The legate scratches his scarred chin.

Legate Falcon: Ja, ja! Sie sind ein genie!

Frumentarii Garland: Thank you, sir. I will escort them to the slaves' corner of the camp.

Scene III - Slaves Camp

Outside the tent, they take a long path to a corner of the camp, which appears to be enormous. When hidden, the guards stop with Garland, and pull them into the woods. The guards unmask themselves, and they are clearly Navy Marines.

Frumentarii Garland: You're lucky Pistol talked to Mallace before coming here, or you'd have been thrown into the arena!

Benjamin Macmorgan: But... you.... you're a-a-a Legionary?

Garland and the marines laugh. Garland pulls out a coin and hands it to Macmorgan.

Frumentarii Garland: Sign of the Legion. Showing the coin to them made them believe I was returning to the Legion.

Benjamin looks at the coin, before looking at Kat.

Benjamin Macmorgan: This isn't the same coin that was at Yelloweagle's shop.

Kat Walnutstone: What? That means...

Benjamin Macmorgan: That was Spanish gold. Spaniards are behind Yelloweagle's shop being burned down.

Frumentarii Garland: You didn't know this? You are more clueless than I believed. The Hijos del Oro are cunning ones.

Nicholas Nikolai: Well that's all great and dandy, but HOW DO WE GET OUT OF-

A guard wraps his hand around Nicholas' mouth.

Frumentarii Garland: Silence, you fool! Do you want us all exposed? Stay quiet, and we'll survive this. In two days time, we shall be arriving at a Naval base not far from here. Lay low.

Garland turns towards the Marines.

Frumentarii Garland: Loosen their bonds.

Garland hands the investigators small daggers.

Frumentarii Garland: Use them wisely, now lets go.

The marines loosen the investigators' bonds. The group proceeds down the path to the slave camp, which is a rabble of mats and blankets, with legionaries here and there to guard. Slaves are making salves at a stand, cleaning clothes, and doing other normal things. Garland approaches the gate, which is a wooden door in the silde of the palisades.

Frumentarii Garland: Ave, Morenus.

The guard nods and pulls back the gate for them to enter.

Slave Guard: True to Caesar.

The group enters, and the gate shuts behind them. A slavedriver approaches.

Slavedriver Captain: Fresh meat, eh?

Garland nods.

Slavedriver Captain: Alright, profligates! Find some mats over there, and get working! And you, glutton, you'll be lifting stones for the miners!

Garland turns away with the guards, and leaves. The investigators split up.

Scene III - EITC Tortuga Office

Jack sits by the fire. Mallace paces at a nearby table, obviously awaiting someone.

Jack Pistol: Calm yourself, Andrew. It won't be much longer.

Andrew Mallace: But how can you be sure? What if he was injured in the cross-fire?

Jack turns and looks at Mallace, showing off his bloodied face.

Jack Pistol: He can deal with it.

A moment later, Johnny Coaleaston, accompanied by two lieutenants, enter the main parlour.

Johnny Coaleaston: 'Ello, good sirs.

Mallace approaches Coaleaston.

Andrew Mallace: Well well, the famous sixteen-year-old Black Guardsman who led the attack on San Juan. I must say, your reputation proceeds you.

Johnny Coaleaston: As does yours, former Lord Mallace.

Jack Pistol: Calm your tongue, Coaleaston. We're here to talk about something else.

Johnny Coaleaston: Yes, and what exactly is it.

Jack Pistol: Those freaks, Caesar's Legion, they've taken my team into the mountains. We need to get them out.

Johnny Coaleaston: The mountains!?

Coaleaston gives a nervous laugh.

Johnny Coaleaston: We'll never get them out of there...

Andrew Mallace: As I recall, you have a squad of elite troops. Would they not be able to sneak inside and stir something up?

A member of the Black Guard runs in.

Sergeant Ishamel: Sir! Sir! The Deadcoats are on Tortuga! We must rally the troops!

Ishamel continues blustering for several seconds.

Johnny Coaleaston: SERGEANT! Keep your mouth shut while I think!

Johnny walks to a shelf and removes a nearby map of Tortuga.

Johnny Coaleaston: We'll set up defensive positions here, here, and here. Once they're trapped in, we'll direct them towards the barber's place and burn it down. All that hair will send that place up like a beacon.

Ishamel quickly nods, and starts to leave before Jack stops him.

Jack Pistol: Wait! I don't think they're here to hurt us.

Johnny Coaleaston: What makes you say that?

Jack Pistol: That.

Jack nods to a corner, where three Deadcoats stand. The window next to it has been jimmied open. Johnny reaches for his pistol, but finds it missing. A Deadcoat holds it.

Jack Pistol: Hello, Gondly.

The Greaser: Bonjour, Poltergeist.

Johnny looks over at Jack, who grins sheepishly.

Johnny Coaleaston: Just this once, Pistol, just this once...

The men gather around the table to begin talking.

Scene IV - Slaves Camp II

Nicholas and Benjamin stand near a palisade wall.

Nicholas Nikolai: So, where's that "relief" you were talking about?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Well, if you haven't listened to Garland properly, you wouldn't know we'll be leaving soon.

Nicholas Nikolai: I'll believe that when the quarry starts mining itself!

Nicholas spits on the ground. A legionary approaches.

Slave Guard #1: Oi, you two! Why ain't you workin'?

Nicholas Nikolai: We're humans. We want food, we wan't water.

Slave Guard #1: Oh, is that right? Well!

The legionary grabs Nicholas by the back of the neck and attempts to drag him. In frustration, Nicholas grabs the legionary by the arm, breaking it, and begins to punch him in the face, before leaving him broken and bleeding on the ground. Several guards rush over, and capture Nicholas. He is escorted from the slave camp. Kat comes over moments later, to see slaves tending to the broken legionary.

Kat Walnutstone: What's happened!?

Benjamin Macmorgan: I think Nicholas just got himself tossed in the "vergnügung."

Kat Walnutstone: What's that?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Not good.

Scene V - Escape

Benjamin and Kat have been drawn out of the slaves camp and brought to an arena. They are chained up together, and sat on a bench. Legionaries are gathering around in the arena to watch something.

Kat Walnutstone: Why are we here?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Um... I would hope a show?

Benjamin nervously smirks. His smirk is soon wiped off his face as he sees Nicholas tossed in the arena, against a larger man.

Kat Walnutstone: Oh no! Nicholas!

The fight begins. The large man charges Nicholas, and though Nicholas attempts to defend himself, he is quickly beaten. Just before he is finished off, a large explosion is heard. Deadcoats quickly appear in the arena, slaying most the legionaries and the large gladiator. The Greaser appears behind Benjamin and Kat, and with one swift kick, breaks their bonds.

The Greaser: Do not get caught in crossfire!

The Greaser then jumps into the arena to aid Nicholas. Fighting soon quiets down as the remaining legionaries are silenced. Bombs can be heard in the distance.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Oi! Greaser! Have any supplies!?

A deadcoat swoops in, and hands both of them a pistol and some ammo. He then nods for them to follow.

Meanwhile, at the command tent....

Royal Marines storm the area, and begin a fight with the legionaries and their commanders. Jack and Andrew are scaling a cliff wall attempting to get to the crucifixion yard.

Jack Pistol: Andrew! Where's that support you promised!?

Andrew Mallace: I don't know! Just get to the top!

Jack pulls himself to the top, and then hoists Andrew up. A legionary charges, but Jack quickly spins and impales him with a knife. Andrew rises from his place on the ground, and quickly begins searching for someone on a crucifix. He finds Phantom.

Andrew Mallace: Phantom!

Phantom shakes his head and looks up.

Andrew Mallace: I'm going to get you down, lad!

Phantom: Aye. D-d'you have a weapon?

Andrew lowers the crucifix quickly and cuts the restraints. He hands Phantom a pistol and an ammo clip.

Phantom: Is this all we've got? You expect to take down the legate's tent with this?

Andrew Mallace: (Shaking his head) No, we've got Garland coming with a surprise.

There's a rumbling in the woods. Andrew quickly stands, and sprints towards it, cutting down enemies as he tanks past. Phantom attempts to stand but falls. Jack quickly runs over to him.

Jack Pistol: Phantom!

Phantom winces in pain.

Phantom: Jack....

Phantom passes out. Around them, a large fight is going on. Jack quickly signals for a field medic, and rises. He begins fighting his way towards the legate's tent, when a surge of new Marines comes, trapping them in. Jeremiah Garland leads them.

Lord Jeremiah Garland: Rule Britannia!

The soldiers roar in reply. The legate himself, as well as his guards, then emerge from the tent and join the fray.

Lord Jeremiah Garland: Jack! Jack!

Jack Pistol: Garland!

Lord Jeremiah Garland: Can you get us close to the tent!?

Jack unfastens a grenade from his belt and tosses it towards a group of legionaries between them. He then casually approaches Garland.

Jack Pistol: Yes. I think so.

Scene VI - Escape II

Kat, Benjamin, and Nicholas are running side-by-side with The Greaser, towards the main area of the camp.

Kat Walnutstone: What should we be expecting?

The Greaser: Bombs. Lots.

Nicholas grins, while the other two clamp their mouths shut. They soon enter the clearing, and find themselves in the heat of battle immediately. A legionary charges Kat, and is about to strike her, but falls dead. Standing several feet away, Jack stands with a pistol. He grins at her, and then quickly looks at Nicholas.

Jack Pistol: Nikolai, get your arse over here!

Nicholas sprints towards Jack.

The Greaser: You two, stick together!

The Greaser charges into battle. Mallace appears behind the two, grabs them, and pulls them into the woods. Benjamin and Mallace make eye contact. Andrew stands and salutes.

Andrew Mallace: Sir.

Benjamin stands, staring him down.

Benjamin Macmorgan: At ease.

The two begin laughing, and embrace.

Andrew Mallace: It's been too long, Macmorgan.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Aye. Now, tell me, why did you feel inclined to rip off my collar?

Andrew Mallace: That tent is about to go up in a huge fireball. We need to get out of here.

Benjamin Macmorgan: No objections there.

Kat looks back at the fight.

Kat Walnutstone: But what about my brother!?

Andrew pats her shoulder. Andrew Mallace: It's all planned out, he'll make it out okay.

The three of them rise and run off. Phantom, Jack, and Nicholas stand a few feet from where Andrew, Kat, and Benjamin stood.

Jack Pistol: Garland!

Another explosion rockets, and Garland lands at the feet of Jack.

Lord Jeremiah Garland: You called?

Jack grabs him by the coat and hoists him up.

Jack Pistol: You and the marines need to fall back! Send a small detachment with Nikolai to liberate the slave camps!

Lord Jeremiah Garland: What about you and Phantom!?

Jack looks at Phantom, who is just now rousing.

Jack Pistol: I-

Phantom: We'll deal with the bomb.

Garland salutes them, and orders a fall back. A few marines stay, and a few go with Nicholas.

Jack Pistol: I want you to stay here and cover me!

Jack sprints into the tent, and finds where some Marines dumped a powder keg. He starts to light it, when a searing pain hits Jack's side. Legate Falcon stands in full view, holding a sabre. Jack reaches to his side and feels the gush of blood.

Legate Falcon: Profligate! I weell end your pitiful existance!

The legate pulls out a small pistol, loads, and gets ready to shoot. A large shape slams into him. As Jack looks over, he sees Phantom, wrestling with the legate.

Phantom: Go!

Jack leaves the tent and circles to the crucifixion yard. The only person still alive is Lawrence, who is moaning. Jack grabs the crucifix, and pushes it to the ground. Lawrence looks up in fear, as Jack looms over him with a dagger. Just as Lawrence begins to scream, Jack cuts his bonds, and lifts him up.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Jack....

Jack begins to say something, but stiffens. He looks over to the tent, where he hears a noise.

Legate Falcon: No! I weell not let you do zis!

The sound of a blade hitting flesh is heard. Phantom screams.

Phantom: Say goodbye, Falcon!

A gunshot is heard, followed by Falcon's screams. Another fight, probably with fists, is heard before the unmistakable sound of a fuse is heard. Jack turns to Lawrence and pushes him over the edge of the cliff. Jack dives after him, and the tent erupts into an enormous fireball, shaking the mountain.

Scene VII - Departure

Lawrence lies face-down in a pool of mud. As he rises, he sees Jack slide down to a dry patch next to him.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: What the bloody hell was that for!?

Jack glances up at the mountain. Lawrence follows his gaze and sees the flames.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Phantom.... Jack, I'm sorry about-

Jack Pistol: Don't mention it.

Jack grabs Lawrence and lifts him to his feet.

Jack Pistol: The camp is a mile hike that way.

The two trudge off. Half-an-hour later, they appear in a small marine camp. Everyone has already arrived, even Nicholas with the slaves. Kat rises at the site of Lawrence, and runs towards him, embracing him!

Kat Walnutstone: Lawrence! You're okay!

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Yes, I'm fine, thanks to... thanks to Jack, here.

Kat glances over at Jack, who stands awkwardly, a few feet away. She walks over, and plants a kiss on his lips.

Kat Walnutstone: (whispering) Thank you....

Jack Pistol: N-not at all, Katherine... I'm sure he would've done it for me.

Jack shoots a glance at Lawrence, who lowers his head.

Andrew Mallace: Well, I hate to break up with reunion, but the Tortugan mafia is still after us, and I'm sure the remaining legionaries will be too.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Wait... where's Phantom?

Jack Pistol: He detonated the bomb.

Everyone lowers their heads.

The Greaser: We will mourn him later. For now, get to our escape ships.

The large party picks up camp and marches to a beach, where several dinghies wait. Johnny Coaleaston guards them.

Johnny Coaleaston: Well it's about time! Lord Garland, your ship is prepared to take you back to Port Royal. Investigators, I have been assigned to be your personal escort until your case is completed.

Lawrence nods.

Johnny Coaleaston: As for Mr. Gondly...

The Greaser: My ship is coming. I am going to cover your escape.

The group gives their solemn goodbyes, and departs in their separate dinghies. The ships sail off into the distance as the sun sets.

Act VI - Port Teak

Scene I - Hurricane

A large transport ship sails through the churning seas during a violent storm. At the helm is an experienced captain, accompanied by Johnny Coaleaston and Lawrence Daggerpaine.

Johnny Coaleaston: How much longer until we reach Port Tariff!?

EITC Captain #1: Not much farther! Maybe at sunrise?

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Sunrise!? We won't make it past midnight!

Just as Lawrence finishes, a large wave splashes over the side, incapacitating several of the deckhands.

EITC Captain #1: Oi! Get up! You ain' weak pirate-folk, you're company men!

The ship begins moaning.

Johnny Coaleaston: Where are the charts!?

EITC Captain #1: Below deck!

Johnny slides down the first set of stairs, but just as he lands it, a large wave crashes into the ship, sending him over the edge. He dangles by a stray line. Lawrence surges forward and pulls the rope up slowly. Johnny falls on the deck, wet. He is missing his hat and one of his boots.

Johnny Coaleaston: Dammit! I do not want to do that again! Lawrence Daggerpaine: Hurry and find the charts!

Johnny appears minutes later on deck. He lays out the map on a table.

Johnny Coaleaston: Judging by our last known location, and the direction of the wind last, we're approximately.... here. The closest port is....

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Port Teak? What's so bad about that?

Johnny Coaleaston: It's a smuggler port, for Singaporeans. It rests on stilts above the shallows between three miniscule islands. Danger.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: It's the only shot we've got.

They continue on through the hurricane. The ship begins to lose course, and vision deteriorates. Suddenly, two war junks appear ahead. The captain begins cursing, and turns to give the starboard broadside a clear shot. As the shots are fired, returning shots are issued from the bows on the war junks. They both hit the hull.

Below deck, the investigators sit around a small table. Jack turns the coins in his hand, while the other three remain silent. The ship begins turning, and screaming is heard from several different points of the ship.

Jack Pistol: What was tha-

The cannons fire.

Jack Pistol: Dammit! We're in combat!

Jack runs to an empty porthole, and looks outside just in time to see the war junks' bow cannons fire.

Jack Pistol: Get down!

Jack tackles Kat to the ground, and moments later a cannonball rips through where she had just stood. She hugs him as he pulls her back to her feet. Jack turns and begins ascending to the deck.

Back on the deck, things are going from bad to worse. The ship is taking major damage, and the war junks are closing in. In the following moments, the sails are disabled and they are grappled. Instead of being boarded, they are being towed into the distance.

Scene II - Drydock

The ship was pulled into a large harbor. From what the investigators could see, the harbour was built around a space between several miniscule isands. On and near the miniscule islands was a city of wood. Buildings sat in the shallows, supported by stilts. Built in to the small, steep hills on the islands were more buildings. It seemed an insane patchwork of housing, business, and government. As their ship was dragged out of the water, on to a makeshift drydock, the investigators began to feel nervous. Who were these people? Would they be able to take on a city's worth of them? The crew left the ship via a walkway left for them. There, several Asian men stood. They were dressed a traditional robe from whatever country they came from.

'Mayor Chang: 'Welcome to Port Teak, my friends!

Jack Pistol: Who the Hell are you, and what right do you have to drag our ship into your port?

Commander Zin: Every right, dirty Frank. You sailed in our waters. You challenged our ships. But you should be, infact, thanking us. As we speak, the Hijos del Oro are travelling your original route, trying to find you. Had it not been for us, you would currently be hung from their masts.

The investigators come to the slow realization that these men were out to help them.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Thank you, my hosts. We are in your debt. But, why could your men have not attempted negotiations first?

Commander Zin: Would you have believed them, had you still been in your own custody?

Benjamin Macmorgan: I'm always up for trusting strangers! For instance, a few years after my demise as Lord Governor, I was visited by an old Russian man! He and I struck up conversation, and I was on a ship to Russia the next day. I found out that the part of my family that hailed from Russia was in charge! I spent a long while with my good cousin, Peter Romanov, before returning to London to pursue my political career. I mean, sure, after that I was fired and sent to live out the remainder of my days in the New World, but it was all in good fun!

Mayor Chang: You talk too much, and think too little, Frank.

Jack Pistol: Oi, what's "Frank" supposed to mean? We're from Europe, but none of us are French!

Mayor Chang: You're all "Franks," to us. But if you were to tell us your names, you would be addressed as such.

The team tells them their names. Lawrence explains he's the leader of their team. Their hosts give them their own names, and explains they hail from Singapore.

Quartermaster Lin:Well, Mr. Daggerpaine, I assume we can find you a suitable inn to stay at whilst your ship is repaired.

'Lawrence Daggerpaine: 'Thank you, Quartermaster.

Mayor Chang: And you shall hace full access to the city, so long as you abide by the laws. If you require assistance with anything, do not hestitate to trouble us. It is a welcome departure from the norm to have such important guests.

The group is brought via the many wooden walkways to a beautiful inn situated over the water.

Ho-Long: Here you are, my friends! I will be staying with you as a guide for anything you require on your stay.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Thank you, Ho-Long. We are forever in your debt. Your hospitality is matched by none other.

Ho-Long: Well, we did destroy your ship.

Ho-Long gives a sheepish grin.

Jack Pistol: Well, I'll be your first customer. How did you all know we're important, and how did you know the Hijos del Oro are tracking us?

Ho-Long: Err... that will be discussed tomorrow, after you have rested. I have been instructed to take you to the mayor's
office at high noon.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: Have no need to wake us, we will be ready long before our appointment. Thank you, Ho-Long.

Ho-Long nods, and leaves. From the windows on the second floor, they can see him enter a residence nearby, obviously his.

Scene III - Port Teak

The investigators wake at the crack of dawn. They descend to the first floor of the inn, where a beautiful, young Caucasian woman greets them.

Innkeeper: Ah, you are the investigators, yes? We have set aside a room for you to ready yourselves in, at the request of the mayor. Head down that hallway, it will be at the end of it.

The investigators head down the directed hallway, and find themselves in a dark room. Low-lit lamps hang from the ceiling. There are five separated dressing screens set up in the corners, with clothes laid out behind them. In the center of the room, a sand-bottom pool sits. Steam boils from it. The wooden walls of the pool have two vents built in, obviously funelling in hot air. The investigators each bathe in the warm water and dress themselves. Once they've all finished, they can't help but laugh. They are all dressed in traditional East-Asian kimonos.

Kat Walnutstone: We look amazing!

Kat flashes a smile at Jack, who returns it with an equally-as-friendly smile. Lawrence starts, but relaxes.

Nicholas Nikolai: Oi, where's that China-man, Ho-Long?

A voice speaks from behind Nicholas.

Ho-Long: Singaporean, thank you. Please, my friends, follow.

Ho-Long leads them through the city. They take note how all forms of transportation are either walkways or flat-bottom boats moving throught the shallows. Only a few small beaches are accessible. After a good twenty minutes of walking, they reach a small building. Ho-Long leads them inside. A desk stands a few feet from the door, with a young Asian man sitting there. He is writing on a slip of parchment. Ho-Long mutters something to him in Cantonese. He silently rises, and leads them through a door into a back room. He opens a large, square chest, revealing not a chest, but a ladder descending several yards. The investigators descend.

Jack Pistol: Why all the secrecy?

Ho-Long: It was an excuse when I said office. You are being led to our fortress. It operates inside one of the rocks that ring our little slice of ocean.

Benjamin Macmorgan: It's quite stuffy in here.

Ho-Long: You are under approximately twenty feet of sand and rock, I'm not surprised.

They continue along the passage until the reach a staircase. They ascend into a panelled room, with several locked lockers.

Ho-Long: Follow closely, and do not touch anything... Mr. Macmorgan!

Benjamin is attempting to peak in the crack of a locker. He jumps back.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Ah! Uh, sorry!

Ho-Long shakes his head, and leads them through a door. They find themselves in a more war-ready room, with placements for artillery (complete with cannons), a stone wall with brown-grey doors, and shelves and boxes of ammunition. Behind the curtain, the sounds of waves can be heard.

Nicholas Nikolai: What's behind the doors?

'Ho-Long: 'Air. Sea. The curtains look like rock on the other side. Good cover to fire back if we're attacked.

Nicholas nods, and they continue. After following a maze of hallways, they find themselves in a conference room. The mayor sits at the head of the table, flanked by Commander Zin, and a man they had not yet met.

Mayor Chang: Greetings, my friends! How did your first night in Port Teak?

Kat Walnutstone: Very pleasurable.

Jack Pistol: Mayor Chang, with all due respect, we're not here to discuss the beauty of a port on the sea, are we?

Mayor Chang: No, no I am afraid we are not. Gentlemen, this is the dock-warden of Port Teak. Everything that enters or leaves Port Teak, by any means, is run through with him. Ho-Long, fetch us the documents.

Ho-Long bows, turns, and leaves in a rush.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: What is this about?

Mayor Chang: The Hijos del Oro made port here in your sleep, but before we could find them, they slipped into the city somewhere.

Ho-Long returns and hands Mayor Chang a small book.

Mayor Chang: Thank you. You are dismissed!

Ho-Long: Yessir.

Ho-Long bows and leaves.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Ah, I love old, dusty leatherbound books! They could be nothing from useless rabble about a flat earth, all the way to other important stuff! How exciting!

Kat Walnutstone: What's in the book, Mayor Chang?

Mayor Chang: A history of the Hijos del Oro, so listen carefully.

Mayor Chang withdraws a key and slowly unlocks the book. Jack leans forward.

Mayor Chang: In the days following Hernán Cortés's invasion of the natives' home, a significant number of his group "died," or so books say. The group really did disappear, but they were far from dead. They left in search for gold. They travelled for many weeks, before taking refuge in an Aztec temple. There, by the powers of Calypso, they were cursed for their greed. In retaliation, their brotherhood was formed. The Sons of Gold scour the planet for items of power. Morganson was trying to find one. He played his cards right and got the support of the Deadcoats.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: I think you're mistaken. The Greaser was helping us.

Mayor Chang: Eh... perhaps The Greaser was tricked. I have no knowledge of that. In any case.

A waiter comes and pours a strangely-coloured liquid into several glasses and hands them to everyone around the long table. The waiter explains the wine to them.

Benjamin Macmorgan: The wine has a stra-

Jack kicks him sharply under the table.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Uh... nevermind, it's a reflection of the light.

Everyone except Benjamin and Jack take a sip.

Lawrence Daggerpaine: So, as you were say- *cough* saying?

Commander Zin: A shipment marked with a seal similar to that of the Hijos del Oro was discovered. That being said, we must discuss matters of your safety. We would like to send you to a different inn, one much more safer, and farther from the center.

Kat Walnutstone: Why must w-we move immediately though? Our lodgings were safe the previous night. Moving would draw attention to-

Kat suddenly stops talking, and vomits on the floor. Lawrence attempts to stand but falls down quickly. Nicholas swats his glass away before moaning and falling out of his chair.

Mayor Chang: What.... what has happened!?

Jack looks into Zin's eyes. From the reflection of his eyes, he notes the dock-master move his arm. Jack and Benjamin, in sync. Jack draws his pistol and kills the dock-master. Benjamin quickly throws a knife into Chang's throat. The two rush forward and grab Zin. They pin him against the wall, between two un-sheathed katanas.

Jack Pistol: What was in that? Tell me, you worthless fish-head, or I'll gut you where you stand!

Commander Zin meets Jack's eyes once more, without fear.

Commander Zin: They'll be dead in three days, I wouldn't worry too mu-

Benjamin, in a swift move, shoves a knife into Zin's eye, just deep enough to cause him excruciating pain. Zin screams in agony, but his screams are muffled by a rag being shoved into his mouth.

Jack Pistol:Who are you? Where's the real Mayor Chang?

Commander Zin: (muffled) Ool - memr - ind - im!

Benjamin slowly turns the knife, causing Zin to shake with pure, immesurable pain.

Jack Pistol: You will not kill us! WHERE ARE THEY?

Jack rips the rag out of Zin's mouth.

Commander Zin: We-we are here! (Scream) The Hijos del Oro shall con-conquer! St-stay in the city! It will just pro-prolong w-what is inev-evitable!

Jack rips a katana off the wall and presses it against Zin's stomach.

Commander Zin: P-please! Don-don't! The antid-dote is in the warehouse! Y-you'll never get it! Th-they're dead! R-run while you can! Th-they have the may-mayor!

Jack Pistol: Good.

Jack shoves the katana into Zin's chest. As Zin screams, he twists the blade and pulls upward. Blood comes forth in a great gush, as well as several cut-up organ pieces. Blood flows from Zin's mouth. Zin flails, before Benjamin presses the knife down into Zin's skull, killing him. Zin's broken body, soaked in blood, stands pinned to the wall by the katana.

Jack Pistol: We need to get out of here, fast.

Benjamin Macmorgan: I know, I'll go get the door!

Jack hits Benjamin.

Jack Pistol: You idiot! We can't go out that way! Help me find an exit!

Jack and Benjamin begins scouring the room. While Jack is pressing up against wall panels and moving paintings, Benjamin is moving small tables and pushing papers in a desk around.

Jack Pistol: Why are you searching a drawer!?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Well, you never know....

Benjamin suddenly pulls something from the desk, which retracts a wall panel.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Aha! See!?

Jack shakes his head. He then turns to the fellow investigators.

Jack Pistol: We need to get them to safety, see if we can get help.

Benjamin Macmorgan: I'll search the bodies.

After carefully searching Zin's body, he finds a medallion like the one at Yelloweagle's shop, and several notes, all soaked in blood. On the imposters of Chang and the dockmaster he finds the same medallion, as well as a comission each from the Hijos del Oro. Other little trinkets are there.

Jack Pistol: Let's move!

Jack hoists Nicholas onto his back, and picks up Kat in his arms. Benjamin hoists Lawrence over his shoulders. The two run down the passageway after sealing it behind them.

Scene IV - The Shopping District

Jack finds a ladder in the dark tunnel. He holds his hands to his lips as he looks at Benjamin, and cocks his pistol. He slowly ascends the ladder, and as he reaches the top, presses his hand against the trapdoor concealing it's exit. He slowly lifts it up, to find a single shopkeeper cleaning his store. Jack lowers the trapdoor a bit, and watches. As the shopkeeper turns away, Jack quickly springs up, and grabs a letter opener from the counter. He drives it into the shopkeeper's temple, and he drops to the floor.

Jack Pistol: Well, it's all clean up here.

Benjamin pokes his head up from the hole.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Eek! I'd say so...

He descends, and Jack walks over to the hole. He begins lifting his unconscious comrades out of the passageway, with Benjamin finally exiting.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Let's get back to the inn. We can explain what happened and-

Jack Pistol: Don't you get it, Benjamin? The Hijos del Oro weren't trailing us! They were here! They're in command, and now we have no way off of these rocks!

Benjamin Macmorgan: But what about the troops we arrived with? Maybe we can make it to their barracks in time...

Jack looks out the window.

Jack Pistol: We have until dusk. They'll be looking for us by then. We need a safe place to hide... Get rid of the shopkeeper and move everyone upstairs. I'll be back.

Jack slides a kimono over his dirtied clothing and quickly leaves, concealing his pistol. Outside, the streets are fairly quiet. Jack walks quickly between market stalls, attempting to get to the barracks. Eventually, he finds a fairly large building guarded by East India Company men. He nods to the guard, revealing his face. and enters. He quickly ascends to the third floor, where Lieutenant Coaleaston is inside a hotel room-converted office.

Jack Pistol: Coaleaston, we have a problem. A big problem.

Johnny Coaleaston: What!? What's happened, Pistol?

Jack Pistol: The Hijos del Oro are in control of the port. Commander Zin was with them.

Johnny Coaleaston: Was?

Jack Pistol: They tried to poison us. When Macmorgan and I out-smarted them, they tried to kill us. But we escaped. The rest of us are holed-up in the shopping district.

Johnny Coaleaston: Oh Christ... Are you all okay?

Jack Pistol: We won't be for much longer if-

A loud cry echoes from outside. Jack sneaks up to the window and looks outside, to see several port guards arguing with the EITC hired guns. They quickly enter the building.

Jack Pistol: I have to hide!

Johnny Coaleaston: Get on the ledge outside the window and shimmy out!

Jack leans out the window, and grabs onto a loose board. He slowly slides down the ledge, attempting to make it to the next window on the left. He can hear the port guards enter.

Teak Guard Captain #1: By order of Mayor Xing, I hereby place you, Lieutenant Johnathan Coaleaston, under arrest!

Johnny Coaleaston: By the Lord, my right to habeous corpus is not suspended! On what grounds do you detain me?

Teak Guard Captain #1: Are you aware that the previous Mayor Chang was murdered by your group of investigators not three hours ago?

Johnny Coaleaston: What! My good sir, I had no-

Jack slowly slides into the room, muffling the sound from Coaleaston's office. He can hear a loud conversation. He spots a bow mounted on the wall, and quickly takes it off. Nearby, a quiver is hung.

Jack Pistol: Well isn't that lucky? Now if I can find a distraction...

Jack leans up against the door and hears heavy footsteps. He backs away, and slips over towards the window sill. He realizes one of the docks is nearby. And even nearer - a crane, lifting a platform of crates.

Jack Pistol: Brilliant!

Jack looks down onto the walkways and notices a cart filled with strangely-marked barrels going by. He has about two minutes before it passes within range of the crane. He returns to the room and looks around. He quickly snatches a burning candle and coats one of the arrowheads in smooth wax.

Jack Pistol: Hopefully that'll keep them burning... But unless I can hit a rope, it'll be useless...

Jack quickly takes a position by the window. As the cart passes next to the platform, he fires his burning arrow, which severs a rope on the platform. It falls to the dock with a loud crash, as several of the boxes break open, flowing with gunpowder. Jack realizes this amid the confusion on the docks, and turns to coat another arrow quickly. As he turns back, he sees the cart moving quicker. He takes his shot...

Meanwhile, at the shop above the passageway...

Benjamin sits in a small room with a blunderbuss trained on the door. The two siblings and Nicholas lie on mats. A loud explosion echoes from nearby.

Benjamin Macmorgan: What the hell was that!?

Benjamin runs to the window.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Oh! Fireworks!

He hears the screams of burning dockworkers.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Ah... or not.

A loud crash is hear from the floor below, and soldiers can be heard.

Teak Guard Captain #2: Reveal yourselves!

Benjamin turns towards the door and slowly walks towards it, soundless. He suddenly slips, knocking over a glass vase. As he tries to stand, he hits a poorly-balanced crate which crashes to the floor. Sugar leaks out from the broken crate, falling through the cracks of the floor, and onto the level below.

Teak Guard Captain #2: They're up there! Move it!

Benjamin struggles to stand. Several port guards suddenly burst in the door, all coated in sand. He spins quickly and fires his blunderbuss. Three of them drop dead.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Ah.... uh.... hello there!

The guards attempt to fire their muskets, but only sand comes out. Benjamin quickly pulls out a pellet from his pocket and tosses at the ground, sending up a haze of smoke. Several seconds later, Benjamin finds himself holding two muskets. The guards are standing in the doorway, baffled.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Hmm. I was expecting that to go worse.

Benjamin fires both muskets simultaneously, sending himself flying backwards. As both the guards are killed, Benjamin slams into the wall.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Oof!

Nicholas moans.

Nicholas Nikolai: M-macmor... You baff-baff-baff-

Nicholas leans over and throws up into a jar. He falls back, obviously unconscious. Benjamin quickly reloads the blunderbuss, and begins to seal up the store.

Meanwhile, back at the EITC building...

Jack lets his arrow loose. He quickly ducks into the closet, and slams the door as the explosion sounds. Screams of burning dockworkers can be heard. More explosions follow. After several seconds, it dies out. He hears everything clearly from the other room.

Teak Guard Captain #1: The dock is under attack! Men, get over there as quickly as possible! We'll deal with you later, Lieutenant.

Johnny Coaleaston: I shall be waiting.

He hears the soldiers begin to depart. Jack dares not move if one last soldier may linger. He hears a scuffle behind him, and finds the closet wall retract into Coaleaston's own closet.

Johnny Coaleaston: Overkill, much?

Jack Pistol: We need to get back to the shop! Grab a small detachment and let's get moving!

Johnny Coaleaston: Aye! The rest of my men will be ready to react if anything should go wrong.

Jack Pistol: They'd better.

Jack slings the bow and arrows across his back, and heads downstairs as Coaleaston prepares his troops.

Scene V - Splitting Up

The squad, accompanied by Jack, arrive at the shop. As they enter, they notice the large pile of sand. Jack quickly ascends the stairs and sees the dead bodies.

Jack Pistol: There's dead up here!

Jack draws his pistol and aims at the door.

Jack Pistol: Step out with your hands free!

A minute passes, and no noise is heard. Jack sneaks towards the door, and kicks it in. He jumps back as a blunderbuss fires.

Jack Pistol: Goddammit, Benjamin! Couldn't you hear my voice!?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Sorry! I couldn't hear anything, I'm still in a bit of a daze...

Jack Pistol: Apparently so, with all these dead lying at the door. Any plan to clean them up?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Well, not particularly...

Jack and Benjamin pile the bodies in a room behind the counter. The EITC squad prepares explosive traps around the door.

Johnny Coaleaston: We need to find a place of refuge. I'll send a man to lock down the offices.

Jack Pistol: I'm going to try and find a place to stay. Benjamin, go investigate the inn before nightfall.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Aye. Maybe my disguise mustaches are still in my luggage...

Jack slips out a side entrance, and disappears quickly. Benjamin climbs out a window, and stalks off towards the drydock. The EITC squad prepares to move the poisoned investigators.

Later, near drydock, Benjamin arrives at the inn. As he approaches it, he hears gunfire inside. He hides under a windowsill as the soldiers inside move upstairs. Benjamin slides through the opening, and slowly approaches the single guard standing near the door. He drives a knife into the back of the guard's head, and quickly withdraws it. He runs into the bath room.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Alright.... several soldiers. Searching our important gear... how do I get them down here?

Benjamin sneaks outside the room, and finds a pipe that controls the heat and steam in the room. He returns to the room and pins himself against the wall.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Hey, you yellow bastards! Come down here! I have some rice, and your hats would do lovely as a bowl!

The soldiers come shuffling down the stairs, ordering for him to come out. As the last one enters the bath room, he strikes the soldier over the head, and takes his musket. He quickly shuts the bath doors, and locks it in place with the musket. He then runs to the pipe and turns the release so high that the pipe gets stuck.

Benjamin Macmorgan: That'll boil them nicely....

Benjamin stalks upstairs, already sweating from the heat eminating from the baths. He can hear moans below. He quickly recovers the important items, and loads them into three large bags. The leaves the building just as the pipe explodes and the building collapses.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Oh God, I hope Jack found something...

Lee: 'Scuse me sir, but you seem lost. Need a hand?

Benjamin turns to see an Asian man standing behind him. The man quickly covers Benjamin's mouth and pins him to the wall of a house.

Lee: I wouldn't talk if I were you. I am not your enemy. I will help you to the best of my abilities. But you need to trust me. I am Lee, a former operative under the jurisdiction of Mayor Chang. I believe we have similar interests. I am now going to take my hand off your lips. And when I do, you will not make a sound. You will turn to your right as if nothing happened, adjust your packs, and walk towards the South-Western area of the port, the warehouse district. You will take no notice as I slowly stalk you from over head. You will just follow the occasional flower petal that happens to be found in front of you until you reach said location. Are we clear?

Benjamin blinks. Lee lets back quickly, and hops into the shadows. Benjamin turns to his left.

Lee: (From overhead) I said turn to your right.

Benjamin turns to his right.

Lee: Good boy.

Meanwhile, in the warehouse district...

Jack moves between the shadows, silently avoiding any patrols. As he moves along a wall, he sees a patrol approaching. He turns back to find dockworkers blocking his path. Desperately, he turns into a warehouse, but not before the patrol spots him. They follow him in, and he soon finds himself cornered in the shadows. Suddenly, a quick shadow moves between the six soldiers, killing four of them, and maiming two.

Gabriel: Get up.

Jack aims his pistol at the shadow's head.

Jack Pistol: If you so much as-

The shadow jerks forward, disarms Jack, and slams him into a wall.

Gabriel: There you go. Now you're going to follow me, like a sheep follows a shepherd. Consider yourself lucky I was following you.

Jack, obviously taken aback, takes off after his savior.

Scene VI - The Chang Network

Benjamin has found himself far off track, with flower petals falling in every which direction.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Excuse me!  Could I have some help?  I can't-

Benjamin looks ahead to see three guards walking down the alley.  They're ordering something about a curfew.

Lee: Damn it all!  Hold still, Frank.

Benjamin Macmorgan: My name isn't Frank!

Lee:  It's... ugh.

A rope dart pierces Benjamin's coat.  He is quickly hauled to the roofs.  The guards, baffled, attempt to climb the building.

Lee: We're going to have to move.  Fast.  Jump the rooftops, and keep your footing.  I don't want to have to put another hole in your coat, because next time I'll make sure to put it in your back.

Benjamin swallows, and begins hopping rooftops with Lee.

Meanwhile, in the warehouse district, Jack is still following Gabriel.  Gabriel suddenly stops and walks straight into a wall.  It moves around him, and starts shimmering before holding still.

Jack Pistol: Gab-Gabriel?  Where are you?

Gabriel: Walk into the wall.

Jack walks into the wall, expecting to recieve a bump on his forhead.  He feels a thick curtain and several strange materials before he appears on the inside.  He looks around to see a small room with walls of ply-wood.  A hallway leads to what was most likely some form of base.

Jack Pistol: What is this about?

Gabriel: Welcome to the underground headquarters of the Chang Loyalists.  Or, the real Chang.

Jack Pistol: So... you've saved my ass to bring me to an secret headquarters on some industrial side of Port Teak?  I can't stay here.  My friends are-

Gabriel: At the sick bay.  Shortly after you and your companion split up, a group of us found your men and had them transported here.  The headquarters of the East India Trading Company is on lockdown.  We've managed to maintain contact to the office via a tunnel that was flooded when the dock exploded.

Jack scratches his head.

Gabriel: In any case, your friend should be arriving momentarily.  Your lieutenant is with our tactician.  I expect your companion to arrive momentarily.

As if on cue, Benjamin crashes through an opening in the rafters.  Another man smoothly glides though.

Lee: There was a wire, if you missed it.

Benjamin Macmorgan: (Holding his crotch) Yeah, I noticed it...

After Benjamin regains himself, the bags are lowered on a pulley, and Benjamin and Lee descend via a pole.

Gabriel: Lee, come here!  Did you find what we were looking for?

Lee: I found them.  However, the problem of obtaining them are completely different matter.

Gabriel: I thought as much.  Well, we can discuss that.  Come to the living quarters, we can find you two some beds.

Benjamin and Jack are led by Gabriel to an area cornered off by ply-wood.  Beds run down either side, with footlockers at each end.

Gabriel: (Pointing towards two beds on his left) Those two should do.  We have three other warehouses likes this, each with their own barracks.  Settle in, and I'll arrange you both an office.  In the mean time, Lee will escort you to the infirmary.

Lee leads Jack and Benjamin down a wooden corridor and into a dead end with a door on each side.  One reads "trauma" and the other is unmarked.

Lee: Don't look in trauma.  But because you Franks are ignorant, you're going to look anyway.  So here...

Lee pulls back the curtain.  Scenes of dying amputees and burn victims sting the investigators' eyes.  Lee lets the curtain fall back into place.

Lee: Be lucky we're not entering there.

He leads them into the other room, which is much calmer, and much more pleasantly lit.  On three of the beds, their friends lay incapacitated.  Jack and Benjamin slowly approach them.

Lee:  I'll leave you Franks to your mourning.

Lee turns and leaves.

Scene VII - Pier #3

Jack walks down an abandoned dock, alone in the night.  Dressed in thick robes, he is well-disguised.  Activity is taking place further down the way, at one of the piers.  He stops behind a stack of crates, and takes a knee.  He looks to the roof of a closed building.  He moves his hands in a strange fashion.

Lee: That's the signal, Frank.  We need what's on that ship, and not only for the survival of your friends.  You better be good at distractions.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Right.  So I just need to distract them.  Easy enough.  By chance, do you have any strangely-colored liquids on you?

Lee stomps on the roof, revealing a trap-door.  Benjamin falls in as the door closes.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Hey, what do you know, an apothecary!

Benjamin grabs a few bottles of strange liquids before heading outside.  He walks calmly to the spot where Jack is, before dropping down as well.

Jack Pistol: I expect you know what you're doing with those concoctions?

Benjamin Macmorgan: Not a damned clue.

Jack pulls off the robes, revealing light-weight clothing.  He slides into the water, and swims towards the ship with activity about it.  Ben quickly puts on the robes and walks towards the activity.

Benjamin Macmorgan: Hello, gentlemen!  I noticed you were lifting heavy cargo!  Well I have just the elixir for you...


Jack swims towards the large ship, distinctly a galleon.  He wraps his fingers around the wood and slowly ascends to a low deck, where he slides into a hinged window.  He finds several boxes.

Jack Pistol: Now with any luck...

Jack breaks open several crates and finds what he needs.  He then ascends a floor, where he encounters the crew's quarters.

Crew Member #1: Captain said we gon' have a good rest ternight if we get the cargo secure!

Crew Member #2: Aye!  I'm bored of havin' to sit at some no-name harbour, awake for hours on end, movin' boxes!  I'm gettin' no shut eye!

Taskmaster: Shut up over there, ye pikey!  You'll de as ye told, or ye can spend the rest of your sorry-ass life livin' in this soon-ter-be kindling!

Jack pins himself against the staircase, but he can hear the taskmaster quickly approaching.  He silently moves forward.

Taskmaster: What's tha- mmgrph!

Jack quickly slides a hand over his mouth and slits his throat.  He then moves up the stairs.  He disposes of the two crew members in his way, and begins to find a route to the safe-room on the ship.  He ducks through another porthole, and heaves himself along the side of the ship to the captain's cabin.  He slips inside, and enters onto the deck as quickly as possible.  He is quickly spotted.

Jack Pistol: Gentlemen, gentlemen!  I know what you are thinking!  Well, truthfully I don't, as I am not fluent in the language of pre-humans, but I get the jist.  And let me just leave you with this thought before you undoubtedly charge the deck and slaughter me!  Has anyone checked beneath deck?

Jack turns and jumps off the boat as the center of the galleon is torn to shreds by a large explosion.  The remains of the boat sinks as Jack swims away.

Scene VIII - Town Square

Play Information

Background Info/Easter Eggs

  • In the first scene, Jason Yelloweagle is seen. This is a reference to the Yelloweagle Co. shop which is on Everglade Alley.
  • The reference of the Great Sage Fraud is a salute to when members of The Sauvuers Pirates Jeu discovered Captain Shadow Sail had a sockpuppet known as King Sage (Sage Jasper).
  • Benjamin Macmorgan's silliness pertaining to the supplies is a reference to how he often makes comments using random items to injure people, which usually end in injuring himself.
  • The name Morganson was originally to be called Mr. Morgan.
  • When Benjamin is guessing the name of the gang The Greaser runs, there are several references.
    • The Privateers of Penzance is a morph of the Pirates of Penzance, a play by Gilbert & Sullivan.
    • The Princes of Thieves is a reference to the Robin Hood movie Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner, Alan Rickman, and Morgan Freeman.
    • The Merrymen is the true name of Robin Hood's gang of thieves, that lived in Nottingham.
  • In Skull's Thunder, Jack's violent attitude is a reference to a day when John Breasly and Jack Pistol were feeling rather violent, and decided to have an "action war" in which John launched strange items at Jack, who in turn dodged them and destroyed John's army single-handedly.
  • Miss Telltale's attitude is a reference to how she has a lot of anger when provoked and unprovoked.
  • Jack's comment about the Godhermit taking a body for a meal is a reference to Chris Swordbones being a cannibal.
  • Benjamin's interaction with the Padres del Fuego townsfolk is a reference to the Disney version of Hercules, where in Athens, several vendors attempt to sell him sun dials.
  • The argument between Benjamin and The Greaser, which states "'I want the truth!' 'YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!'" is a reference to the movie A Few Good Men where a detective is interrogating a major about the murder of a cadet. The detective strongly suspects him, and says "I want the truth!" to which he is rudely responded to with "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" as the angry major rises from his seat, in order to tower over the detective.
  • Richard Morganson is meant to resemble the body of Richard Goldvane, thus he is tough to move.
  • Benjamin's stating his head felt like "un-birthday parties gone right" is a reference to a Horrible Histories episode where King Charles II enters the room with a major headache from his "Un-birthday party."
  • The talk of Garland's "scraggly beard" is a reference to when Lord Golditmbers, and several other lords, began chiding Garland until he shaved it.
  • When Benjamin states he used to fancy the Faithful Bride back in the day, it is a reference to Benjamin's time as Lord Marshal in the Co. Empire.
  • Steel and Messi are the two criminals that are killed in The Godhermit - The Story.
  • Phantom's gang is called "The Ethereals." It is lead by three ghosts: Phantom, Poltergeist, and Demon. Demon is missing.
  • Phantom is Scottish.
  • John Macmonger is the cousin of Lord Robert Macmonger-Livingston.
  • When Phantom recieves the severed head of John Macmonger, it is a representation of The Godfather, where Sonny Corleone recieves a fish, with a note "Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes."
  • In this story, Bill Plunderbones is currently running Daggerpaine Industries.
  • Benjamin drawing out the pistol and saying "Say hello to my little friend!" is a reference to Scarface, where Tony Montana lifts up his M16 Assault Rifle, and cries out "You wanna play rough? Okay! Say hallo to mah lil' frien'!" before firing at the door, killing the goons on the other side.
  • Legate Falcon is German.
  • Lawrence threatening Jack is a re-enactment of Captain John Price threatening Yuri in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
  • Johnny Coaleaston did not actually lead an attack on San Juan, that is a reference to his attack of Isla de Avaricia which drove Spain into retreat for several weeks.
  • Port Tariff is a British port governed by Lord Matthew Faye, and considered a safe-haven for any British citizen.


Jason Yelloweagle


Jason Yelloweagle is a modest business, attempting to make a living in the Caribbean. He has ties to the EITC and the Order of Nautillus, which gain him some immunity in the trade business. He tries to live a quiet life, but that all changes when a murder takes place right in front of his shop!

Weatherby Swann

285px-Weatherby Swann

Governor Weatherby Swann is the governor of Port Royal. He tries to keep everything under control, but gets flustered easily. When a murder takes place in "his fair city", he erupts in rage at the landlord of the quarter, Simon Redskull.

Simon Redskull

Simon Redskull is a master of trade, a mogul if you may. He's often seen playing cards at the poker tables, and getting drunk at the Rowdy Rooster, instead of fulfilling his duties as a secretary of the governor. But when a murder takes place in his quarter, the governor threatens his land, and possibly his freedom, if he doesn't find the murderer soon.

Kat Walnutstone


Kat Walnutstone might seem ordinary to the townspeople of Port Royal, but her history is shrowded in mystery. When the governor's secretary, Simon Redskull, goes looking for investigators, she's first in line to offer her and her friends' services.

Lawrence Daggerpaine


Lawrence Daggerpaine is a man of many talents. Recently, he's began a detective business, the Sauveurs Pirates Jeu. When a murder takes place nearby, it's up to him to lead the detectives, and uncover the plot behind the murder!

Benjamin Macmorgan


Benjamin Macmorgan is a bit of a village idiot. After returning from Russia, he went insane to some degree. He's constantly looked out for by his friends Jack Pistol and Lawrence Daggerpaine. He actually shows some initiative after the Sage Fraud Case, and is welcomed to the team. His ability to process information to fit a puzzle is often overlooked by his sillyness, but he contributes to the team just as much as everyone else.

Jack Pistol


Jack Pistol is the "ex"-gangster of the group. His ties to the gangs and mafias, which he is still, secretly, very much involved in, often helps his friends in cases. When he's asked to help discover the murderer, he's put in a tough decision: betray himself and the Nautilleans for the good of the Caribbean, or condemn his friends and continue to live on as a crime boss.

Il Natuilea

Il Natuilea

Il Natuilea is a thug working for the Nautilleans. He was once a mighty general for Spain, who retired after a crushing defeat in Africa. In order to punish him, the Nautilleans put him on security detail at their Padres del Fuego offices.

Nicholas Nikolai

Nicholas Nikolai is a former Nautillean grandmaster, who now deals in the affairs of the Nautillean military. When working for Jack Pistol and Susanne Telltale, he also gets mixed up in the Tortugan Mafia. Fearless as he is, he normally carries a pistol at his belt, and a blade in his boot. When forced into helping Pistol kill off the Tortugans, he takes joy in watching every one of the "filthy buggers" die.

Susanne Telltale

Commonly referred to as "Miss Telltale," Susanne Telltale is one "helluva lady." Her angry and fiesty personality makes her a force to reckon with. Unknowningly, her Nautilleans are involved in a war of gangsters, while she sits in her office, screaming at failures of soldiers, timid messangers, and horrified envoys.

Andrew Mallace

Andrew Mallace is an old "acquaintance" of Jack. While serving under Susanne Telltale, Jack had destroyed Mallace's former position as Lord Marshal (at the time it was called Supreme Lord). Mallace always held a small grudge, but Jack and he became better friends over the years. When hearing news of Jack needing help in tracking Caesar's Legion, Mallace jumps right to the case, without Jack knowing. His knowledge often helps him supply Jack with excellent advice and clues, eventually helping them track the true murderers.

Lord Jeremiah Garland

Lord Jeremiah Garland is a famous lord of the EITC. Before his time in the EITC, he spent some time as a Praetorian in Caesar's Legion. Deciding they were all monsters (probably a good choice), he left the Legion silently. Since then, only he and Mallace have known... When an investigator comes looking for the Legion, Garland gives some good help, while trying to uphold his reputation.

Johnny Coaleaston

Johnny's Old Office

Johnny Coaleaston is a modest Lieutenant in the EITC. Leading the EITC First Squadron, he transports investigators to Tortuga, while dealing with some business of his own. He and his Squadron have quite a few "fun" times bailing out the investigators.

The Godhermit

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at 4.48.38 PM

The Godhermit is the don of the Tortugan Mafia, a thriving mafia based out of the Faithful Bride. He leads fearlessly, mainly because he can't die. His lust for blood (possibly fueled by his cannibalism) is possibly his most fearful asset. When accused of a murder he didn't commit, the Godhermit wants to clear his name, even if that means killing his closest allies to save his own skin.

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