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Sail wind catcher Mystical Cobra is a Light Sloop!

Mystical Cobra is Lawrence Greasehazzard's second Light Sloop he accidently sold his first one (same name) . She is used for getting to Islands quickly and when equipped with the right crew lethal Privateering.

A sloop is a fore-and-aft rigged ship, normally with only one mast although larger ships with two or even three masts could also be referred to as war sloops or sloops-of-war. Historically, pirates chose sloops since they were fast enough to catch even the swiftest cargo vessels and allow for a quick getaway.

Sloops in Pirates Online can be found as Light Sloop, Sloop, and War Sloop.

Generally, sloops are the fastest ships; making them ideal for scouting or hit-and-run attacks. This shallow hull only allows for minimum cargo and broadside guns. It also means the vessels are lighter armored, with the thinnest armor at the sides.


Armor: 2400

Max Speed: 20 knots (ramming speed)

Cannons: 2

Broadsides: 6

Max Cargo: 6

Max Crew: 3

Price Paid: 100

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