NSA or National Skeleton Army is a group of deadly, skilled skeletons.


This group was started in 1299 by Skeleton, a very skilled skeleton, who wanted gold, gold and gold. His assistants ran out for him and would steal all the gold they could, sometimes murdering the pirates in the process. No one could stop these crime filled creatures, their leader was far too strong. Skull carries a belt of the most powerful weapons. His ships seem impossible to sink. And his team was immune to everything pirates threw at them.


In 1422, a man named Robby Collins was the pirates savoir. He was sick of the unfair treatment the pirates were getting and he felt they COULD be stopped, with a plan that is. He made a master plan, giving everyone a single job, not one man or woman left out.


The battle lasted 3 whole days. Some, not able to even sleep. Over 100 pirates died in the horrid battle. 1000 of the skeletons died as well. But, Robby's master plan helped the pirates through it. They had won, after 3 blood filled days, they had won.


Today, their leader and a few other skeletons remain in the group. They do not steal gold any more, just simply try to kill pirates, like other skeletons. Us pirates continue to fight them off.

Current Rank

  • First In Command: Boss; Owner of NSA; Owner/Founder of NSA
  • Second In Command: First In Command's right hand man
  • Head Killer: Supervises killers
  • Killer: Kills pirates
  • Servant: Does things for Killers, 1st in command, and second in command

Current members

Fros: Servant

Skell: First In Command

Gore: Head Killer

Spike: Killer

Koll: Second In Command

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