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Netherlands (MC Empires) is a Minecraft Page.
Netherlands Flag.png

The Kingdom of Netherlands is currently ruled by King Sammuel I Of Netherlands.

Information on Netherlands

Name: Information
Cities (Major)
  • Amsterdam
  • Antwerp
  • The Hague


  • Catholic (Majority)
  • Protestant (Majority)
  • Irreligion


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German

Political Information On Netherlands

Name Infromation
National Name Kingdom of Netherlands
Common Name


Type of Government Absolute Monarchy
King King Sammuel I

Diplomatic relations of Netherlands

Country Ruler Relation Type of Government Embassy
Kingdom of Spain King Cannonwalker Friendly Absolute Monarchy No
Tzardom of Russia Tzar Nyed I Neutral Tzardom/Monarchy No
 Sicily Vacant No Communication None No
United States of America George Washington Neutral Federal Consitutional Republic No
Monarchy of Poland August III Neutral Consitutional Monarchy No
Holy Roman Empire Queen Hannah Bluefeather Neutral Absoulte Monarchy No
Great Britain King George III Neutral Consitutional Monarchy No
Kingdom of Montenegro Queen Hannah Bluefeather (Soon Vacant) Neutral Duchy No
Monarchy Of France  Roi Louis XVI Friendly Absolute Monarchy No
Morocco Sultan Peter Neutral Sultanit No


King : King Sammuel I Of Netherlands

Queen: Vacant

Heir: None (Yet)

Prime Minister: David Yellowfish

Minister of War: Vacant

Minister of Defence: Vacant

Minister of Finance: Vacant