Modern Warfare 3 Spetsnaz Victory Theme LOOPED

Modern Warfare 3 Spetsnaz Victory Theme LOOPED


Nikolai was Sharkhayes' brother. His first Captain's name was John Thomas Cahill. He turned rogue and stranded his brother, who also served under Capt. Cahill. The result was Nick Sharkhayes loss of sanity. The strange thing is, one of the brothers was born in Russia, the other in Spain.

Nikolai founded the Anti Drifters Navy of the Caribbean Sea. After he founded it, it was crushed by the drifters. He made a desprate decision. He decided to form an alliance with Pearson Wright.


"Oi! Keep zat fire avway frome my vodka."

"Da, I know a place."

"Ehh.. I'll just get drunk."

"No one cares that I lost my pistol?"

"Waste of good vodka"

"I am... Zzzzz..zzzz... Huh? Oh NIKOLAI ZE FEARED!"

"Don't touch my vodka... You've been warned..."

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