OOFFAP stands for the Order off Freedom for All Pirates. Started by Lord Carlisle, OOFFAP is dedicated to keeping the caribbean free for ALL pirates. At the moment, we're united against stopping Pears and his allies from taking over.

OOFFAP Participants

The Divinity ~ GM Lord Carlisle

GAH! My absence for a few months has left me clanless!

What Have We Accomplished?

On the evening of September 4, 2011, Lord Carlisle assembled a small army to take back the Abassan Isla De La Avaricia from The Paradox, thus freeing it. The operation was a success, however, Lord Carlisle was declared under arrest by The Paradox guildmaster Francis Chiphawk. It was even revealed that Francis Chiphawk's other file was guildmaster of Predicon. Chiphawk gave Lord Carlisle the option to stop resisting or he would kick all pirates, innocent ones, from Predicon. Lord Carlisle refused to stop, however. Given the options of either pleading guilty or insane, Lord Carlisle realized that if he attended court, it would be a lose-lose situation. So, he is currently on the run from The Paradox, and plans to free more land from them.

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