The Official Caribbean Government is a group of loyal pirates who manage the Caribbean. Its members are among the most respected. Most of which are royalty.
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Founded by a young man Captain Shadow Sail at the age of 17. Shadow knew the Caribbean was an unorganized group of pirates, most not knowing how to manage their own society. Shadow got his brother, Soar, and close friend, Jack Daggermenace and went to work on the new form of Government. Here is what he wanted to plan:
  • An organized society
  • Jobs for all
  • Loyalty though-out
  • Enough gold to support everyone

Shadow went out almost every night for two months, knocking on doors, trying to get this going. People saw this "Government" as a "Political Joke". Shadow saw it as "A new beginning". Elizabeth Swann, a very important name, at the time, and currently. She was Shadow's last hope. Swann liked the idea, she concluded that she wanted power, she wanted a job, she wanted a say. Shadow reluctantly agreed, and he was in business.

Who We Are

Who We Are
Our members are:
  • Respected
  • High Ranking
  • Respectful
  • Professional

Captain Shadow Sail is very particular about who he wants, and doesn't want to hire, when it comes to this government, and many of his other governments. Up above are the key elements that Shadow looks for when hiring. You must also pass a series of tests making sure you are a loyal, honest, Pirates.

The Map

The map below was drawn by Shadow to show what the government controls. It is now locked up in a chest. The map is worth much money today.

Note: This map is very old, Ravens Cove is not listed

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Put your name here along with the job you want:

Davy Gunfish - Leader: Department of Defence / Representative of Tortuga

Johnny Coaleaston - VP: Department of Peace


There are many roles available:

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  • Defense: Help keep everyone safe:

Jobs: Leader, VP, Guard Guard

  • Peace: Helps everything go by peacefully:

Jobs: Leader, VP, Peace Worker, Peace Worker

  • Foreign Communications: Works things out with other parts of the world:

Jobs: Head Speaker, Entrepreneur, Back-Up Entrepreneur, 2nd Speaker, 3rd Speaker, 4th Speaker,

  • Secret Service: Helps keep the president safe:

Jobs: Leader, VP, Guard Guard

  • General: The department that most workers are in. Helps manage everything:

Jobs: General Manager, Manager of: Gold/Labor/Food/Education/Transportation/The Work Force. Worker for: Gold/Labor/Food/Education/Transportation/The Work Force


  • Cuba
  • Port Royal
  • Tortuga
  • Ravens Cove
  • Ile D'Etable de Porc
  • Isla de la Avaricia
  • Isla Tormenta
  • Isla Perdida
  • Driftwood Island
  • Outcast Isle
  • Devil's Anvil
  • Cutthroat Isle
  • Isla Cangrejos


  • Our main office is located on Port Royal in the Old Warehouse. There meetings are held and the future Caribbean is discussed. There is also a private office, located in the International Trading Bank HQ. Only higher ranking members are known to have the map leading to its location.
  • The main HQ, the "Caribbean White House" is located on Port Royal, it is all of Fort Charles. Captain Shadow Sail's private office is there along with many other members, although, Shadow is not often seen there, he is mostly at the Old Warehouse or the highly guarded secret HQ.


  • Kingshead - Kingshead is where community affairs are settled. Its where Captain Shadow's main office and meeting area is. It is made from marble, granite, and many other fine materials, costing over 1,000,000 gold to make. There is where speeches, meetings and many other government events are held.

  • Padres Del Fuego - One of the main islands. Here is where the rich and famous live. Note: Not to be confused with Castello di Shadow which is on a certain server.

  • Port Royal - Port Royal is the main place to trade, buy needed items, and meet up with friends.

More coming soon!


Official Caribbean Government Members

King Shadow Sail ~ Founder / Leader / King of the Caribbean / Representative of Padres Del Fuego/Kingshead


Jack Daggermenace / Soar ~ Department of Defense: Leaders

Kat Bluebonnet ~ Department of Peace: Leader


John Breasly ~ Department of Foreign Communications: Leader / Representative of Port Royal


Richard Goldvane ~ Official Pirate Captain and Plunderer


Dog Hullbones ~ Department of Defense: VP

Captain Jim Logan ~ Representative of Ravens Cove


Usman ~ Department of Foreign Communication: Second Speaker


Jeremiah Stormwash ~ Foreign Communications Department: Entrepreneur


Simon Redskull ~ Head of Secret Service


  1. Captain Shadow Sail: President: Decides everything; all decisions much go through him + Captain represents the island of Kingshead. 1st in command.
  2. Jack Daggermenace/Soar: The two leaders of the Department of Defense; they command that department. 2nd in command.
  3. John Breasly: Leader of the Department of Foreign Communicatios; John commands that department + John also represents Port Royal.
  4. Richard Goldvane: Official Pirate Captain and Plunderer: Helps the Caribbean get gold.
  5. Dog Hullbones: Vice President of the Department of Defense; Dog is second in command in that department.
  6. Captain Jim Logan: Represents Ravens Cove
  7. Usman: Second Speaker in the Foreign Communications Department; Second in command.
  8. Jerry: If two people speak different languages, Jerry will translate.
  9. Simon Redskull: Protects the president and high ranking members.


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