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MinecraftServer.png Olexcraft is a Server MinecraftServer.png

Olexcraft is a Minecraft server created by Sharple. It was survival and at one point had clans, guilds, and/or towny. Various "factions" were created within the server. While there is no confirmed release date, there are rumors that Olexcraft will be rebooted.



  • Treat others like you'd treat yourself.

Some guidelines:

  • Go green and replant trees!
  • Pranks are dope yo


  • Sharple (Mega2098)
  • G-man. (DAVESDAVY)
  • Parax. (BaronVonShush)
  • GenLawrence
  • Peter Coalvane (Funnyguy651)
  • Katbluedog
  • Stpehen (StpehenPOTCO)
  • David McMartin (AwesomeA321)
  • Slappy (josefurnace)
  • Haras (Rocket_93)
  • Squirto19
  • Reyes De Luz (AlReyesSpark)
  • Johnny Goldtimbers (The_Goldtimbers)
  • Lord Andrew Mallace (Dirty_Mallace)
  • Jeremiah Garland (Captain_Naughty)
  • John Breasly (dcomando15)

Mod applications

Please state your IGN and why. Please note that these are taken into consideration and Olexcraft may not be needing mods during this time. I want to create a server where people have fun and not where people just try to have fun just do they can get mod/admin powers.

  • *Closed*

Plugin Suggestions

Please edit the below list and provide a plugin you suggest we should have. Bold the plugin's name and italicized the description.


  1. Silktouchable Spawners: Ability to silk touch spawners with a silk pickaxe, or turn them into a spawn egg with a vanilla pickaxe.