The Spanish and French were bargaining for control of Olympus Isle. Olympians declined the bargains and requests from Pierre le Porc and Garcia Avaricia. They ignore their declines and keep pressing them. Soon, Spanish and French ships began taking parts of the Isle by force. Olympians were enraged by this and called for the Fighting Executioner to force the Spaniards and Frenchies off the island. Soon, it was a battle for territory over Olympus Isle. Spanish privateers and French Privateers began bringing the fight to Olympus Isle Harbor damaging everything. Olympians caved and forced ships of their own to fight them off. Three islands fight over 1 land and its controller, Matthew Sternrage, to see who will rule the Caribbean. To this day, the unnamed ship and Fighting Executioner force the fighting to take place seven miles between Porc and Olympus Isle. French Ships have continued bargaining for control but it became the final straw, Olympians declared war, though they wanted to be a peaceful island, to stop the French and Spanish from wanting control of their home. Through the long fight, Olympians were losing to both the Spanish and French. Soon, control of the Isle will be in power of both Spanish and French. The Fighting Executioner was the last Olympian ship to leave the island while the Isabell Pride fell besieged to Spanish. By the end of the year, one of these countries' privateers will get rid of Olympians and the other country privateers from the island. In the end of the battle, the Fighting Executioner was seen fleeing from the island with her forward main mast fallen. Olympus Isle was under control by the French. The war officially ended after the French returned partial control to Olympians.
Map of War

Map of War Zone and Island locations

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