Banned (People who aren't allowed into the guild):

Nathaniel Treasurecaptian: Harassment, obscene roleplay, in-game 'stalking', racism, officer rights abuse.

Captian Buck: Sexism, harassment, racism, spam, obscenely disturbing threats,

  • Since we went normal, all members who were banned/kicked for RP war related reasons may join back.


  • Jack Pistol-Officer: Has been in EVERY single guild of mine, Miss' and Nicholas' always at our side and has never even once betrayed us.
  • Edward Winsell-Officer: Made a great sacrifice to join us. Never yells, a very close friend to all the other members.
  • -More will come soon. Credit will be given where credit is deserved. The amount of time in which it takes to be received is the issue.
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