John Warsmythe is a member of the great EITC and he has served very long, loyal, and hard. During his younger years, John Warsmythe came in contact with Davy Jones on the way to the Caribbean Colonies. The ship they were on was not equipped for naval combat, so Davy Jones ripped the ship apart with his cannons and such, John warsmythe survived by jumping off and having to paddle a couple of miles ( f course this was on a dinghy) before being picked up by an Eitc vessel. This is how he was adopted into the eitc at such a young age. John Warsmythe was in many eitc guilds before he became the Admiral Of the Eitc Fleets..... He first started out in a small unknown eitc guild called "Black Shadows", then moved up to the Mercenary Empire, then Bounty Hunter Co., then Co empire ( just before it fell ), then he joined United Empire.... and that is where the chaos began, meeting Captain Leon was a miserable for John Warsmythe. But nobody would step up to him. John Warsmythe was one of Leon's men until he met Samuel Redbeard and became a spy for him. Leon was curious why Warsmythe was quitting and joining his guild so many times.... John said " I am spying on Samuel for you to ensure you stay Grand Lord ". Leon took the bait. And the fall of Leon began......[1]

Jones's heart...... Warsmythe has gotten revenge on Jones for the unforgotten memory of his parents death. He took Jones's heart, do not ask him how, for if you do..... lets just say that heart contains alot of power......

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