Ottoman Empire (OUTDATED) was created by Parax..

The Ottoman Empire is a massive empire that had a major influence on the Mediterranean Sea. Starting in 1299 and ruling for centuries, the empire has increased in strength rapidly. The current sultan, Mahmud I, has been possessed by the divine being Parax, who is attempting to help with the political, economic, and social issues in the empire, namely the negative relationship with Russia. The Ottoman Empire currently has the Hermit Rangers serving as a bodyguard guild and is secretly run by Parax Co. as long as Parax remains in power.

Flag of ottoman

Ottoman fur


The Ottoman Empire has many flags, each symbolizing a different part of it.

Political/Military members

There are some political and military leaders in the Ottoman Empire. They mainly serve as minor governors for land owned by the empire.

Name Title Guild
Parax/Mahmud I Sultan of the Ottoman Empire None
Jeremiah Garland/Vladmir I Grand Duke of Istanbul None
Christopher Crane/Hermit Leader of the Hermit Rangers Hermit Rangers
Albert Spark Ruler of Romania SPARTANS
Jack Pistol Governor of Greece Abnormality
Keira Kinover-Mar Governess of Egypt The Eco Warriors
Jason Shiprat Leader of the Chapratean Confederation Unknown
Nicholas Nikolai Governor of the Crimean khanate The Order of Nautilus
Tyler Crossbones Governor of Baghdad Armed Guard
Basil Brawlmonk Governor of Jordan SPARTANS


Name Title/rank Guild
Jason Shiprat Leader of the Chapratean Confederation Unknown
Richard Venables Leader of the 74th Foot Unknown
Jack Goldwrecker Supreme Commander None
Cherie Mushir (Field Marshal/Fleet Admiral) Gen. Of Peace
Albert Spark Ferik (Major General) SPARTANS
Mirliva (Brigadier General)
Miralay (Colonel)
Binbaşı (Major)
Kolağası (Senior Captain)
Matthew O'malley Yüzbaşı (Captain) The Golden Dukes
Mülâzım-ı Evvel (First Lieutenant)
Mülâzım-ı Sani (Second Lieutenant)
Çavuş (Sergeant)
Onbaşı (Corporal)
Nick Sharkhayes Nefer (Private) Pirates of Triton

Note: There can be multiple members of the same rank.


Name Title Guild
Jeremiah Garland/Vladmir I Tsar of Russia None
Christopher Crane/Hermit Leader of the Hermit Rangers Hermit Rangers
Mary Anna Spark Queen of Romania
  • Golden Generation
  • Lost In A Shadow
Basil Brawlmonk IV King of Barbary Unknown
Keira Kinover-Mar Empress of Japan Gen. Of Peace
William Seasteel Ruler of Switzerland Armed Guard
Marc Cannonshot King of Hawaii

American Realm

Jarod Pillagebane Ruler of the Netherlands O U T L A W S
Johnny Goldtimbers Guildmaster of British Black Guard British Black Guard
Davy Gunfish King of Poland-Lithuania
  • The Complex
  • Polish Hussars
Major Richard Venables Ambassador For Great Britain In Egypt
Johnny Goldtimbers King of France


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Feel free to use this Userbox, assuming you are allied. Simply type {{Ottoman|Your title}} on your user page.


The janissaries are the elite soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. Most are Christian boys that were taken in, converted to the Islam religion, and then trained into loyal soldiers. However, Parax has recently taken an interest in taking in people to sign up. Only the most loyal will be accepted.

Name Rank
Çorbacı (Janissary Colonel)


Various contracts the empire has with other places/nations/people.


Parax/Sultan Mahmud I


Domains in the Caribbean currently hosting small Ottoman camps.

  • Barano and Vachira, El Sudoron Camp
  • Underground Parlor Room
  • Barano and Abassa, Tortuga Meat camp
  • Avaricia Camp, any server
  • Barano, Fort Dundee
  • Barano, Fort Charles

The rest are classified to keep Ottoman control in some areas in case of an invasion.

Territory maps


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