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Welcome to the Community Corner! You can help us out by creating great content now, or by editing around the wiki! Don't forgot to get involved by joining our community in Discord!

Gamers Fanon Wiki is a wiki where you can write Fanon creations for any game that is on our list of games, and read other peoples creations as well!

We Are Currently Editing 5,726 Pages with Over 752,952 edits , and YOU can help!!!

"You all have given me a reason to keep playing, a reason to live and love, and a reason to put a smile on my face." - Curycoo, Founder and Former Wiki President, to the Wiki in his Au Revoir blog

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To create an article, type a title in the box below, and then press Create an article. Before you do, make sure the game you're writing about is already a part of our list of games. If it isn't you can request it to be added here.

Gamers Fanon Wiki Projects
  • Project Stubs - Search for stubs here or here and expand them or mark them with a {{Stub}} template.
  • Project Spell Check articles - Use Special:Random to find and edit articles with spelling mistakes.
  • Project Spam - If you see any off-topic, extremely short, or unneeded pages or articles, please mark them with a {{Delete}} template.
  • Project Guides - Make guides for various game features or quests for items that you would like to guide someone through.
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  • Look around the wiki and decide what kind of pages you'd like to make, or just create one now!

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