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The drama policy is a set of rules which were made revolving around drama. Depending on the pro-drama offense, serious action may be taken against you should the peace be disturbed. You are not to disturb the peace with drama at all.

  • Do not insult another user's actions, user's work, or anything of the sort.
  • Do not create blogs or riot about how unfairly you were banned from chat and/or the wiki. We ask you contact an Administrator if you believe you have been given an unfair ban. Making drama about a possible unfair ban may extend your ban length for disturbing the peace.
  • Refrain from complaining about fairly banned users. They were banned for a reason, do not argue with it. If you do so believe they were unfairly banned, then contact an Administrator.
  • Do not bring drama directly from one of the games onto the wiki; likewise, do not bring conflicts from other wikis onto our wiki. If there is drama on another wiki, it is not of the community's concern, the Administration's concern or anyone else's concern.
  • Do not argue with users for any reason. You may debate with them on something, but it must be civil. Should it not be civil, action will be taken against you and any others involved in the argument.
  • Do not create a sock-puppet to be unbanned. Not only are you breaking the "No Socks" Rule and Wikia ToU but you are also disturbing the peace by doing so.
  • Do not make blogs or otherwise publicly complain of how another user broke the rules that did not have action taken against them. If they have gone unpunished, simply contact an Administrator. This can easily be done quickly and peacefully.
  • Don't make accusations unless you have concrete evidence. If arguments escalate, the comments will be disabled and the fight will be moved.
  • A user who has broken the wiki's policies too often—and in some cases in the past, had a community vote to block them—and has thus been infinitely banned will is known as a blacklisted user. These users may not be unbanned, whether by staff or community vote, hence their unique status. For more information on what a blacklisted user is, see here. All banned users, infinitely or otherwise, as well as their contributions, can be found in Special:log/block.
  • If you are warned to cease causing drama, or a blog/comment/page you make is deleted for causing drama, you are to follow that warning; refusing to or publicly complaining about it will only result in more drama and a possible block on your account.