POTCO Players Wiki:Policy/Role-Play

The following resources pertaining to POTCO Emulator roleplay are available for your use:

  • TLOPO Roleplaying Nations- A basic guide on the nations, including claimed territories and leaders
  • Vienna Accords- A set of guidelines for roleplay etiquette, detailing the accepted terms of war and government. It should be noted that these rules are not enforced by the wiki, rather the community itself.

  • You cannot create pages for a nation unless you are the ruler of the nation, or have permission from the ruler (this is to prevent false claimants)
  • If you are rebelling/conquesting a nation (without the intention of adding it to an already-existing empire), you cannot create a page claiming to be the ruler of that nation, but you can create a page about your rebellion (ex: if you try to rebel in Spain, you can make a page about the “Spanish Liberation Movement” or whatever you want to call it). Once you’ve usurped the entirety of the original nation’s land, then you may create a page claiming to be that nation’s ruler.
    • If your rebellion is only a rebellion for independence (ex: Indian independence from Great Britain), once you’ve legitimately conquered the land you intended to take in the rebellion, you can make a page claiming to be the ruler of that newly-independent nation
  • You can only make blogs about the results of roleplay battles as long as proof of the result is attached.