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Voting Policy

  • You must have at least 50 edits, be an active user, and must have created one article in order to be eligible to vote on community appeals. These edits must be made on pages in the mainspace, comments will not be counted as pages.
  • An active user is defined a user who has made fifty mainspace edits in good faith within the past four months. Users who are active in chat but are not necessarily the most active editors will be allowed an appeal on the Seven Seas Court Board. A list of approved voting users can be found here.
  • MAJOR Requests (By subject to interpretation by the administration) require approval from the administrative council followed by a community vote.
  • MINOR Requests require an approval on the 1 Admin Seal of Approval Board.
  • Requests that fail can be re-requested after a minimum of a 1-month cooldown before reconsideration. 
  • When voting, add your name and your name only. Not your friend's name, not your brother's, just yours.
  • When voting, leave a reason you are voting. Do not use invalid reasons such as, "my friend told me to", "I have my own reasons", "my reason is secret", etc., or the vote will be invalid.
  • When voting on bans, promotions, new ideas/rules or anything similar, please use the voting system of Support.png Support -, Oppose.png Oppose - or Neutral.png Neutral -. You may still add polls to your pages but not for official votes for the wiki.
  • Users cannot create community blogs, such as demotions, promotions, or rule requests. They will be deleted. Approved Rollbacks or Administrators write these. Instead, post on the Seven Seas Court.
  • You may not vote in any votes concerning your promotion, block, unblock, demotion, or anything of the sort.
  • Voting is a privilege, should you attempt to commit voting fraud by creating a sock-puppet, get 50 edits, and vote so the vote is in your favor you will lose this privilege and be banned for a specific amount of time.
  • When requesting the following guidelines have been set:
    • Major Requesting
      • Promotions involving Chat Moderator/Rollback, Admin, and Bureaucrat*
      • Name changes, major rule changes
      • Requires 3-5 day length
      • Must pass SSC before continuing to community vote for implementation
    • Minor Requesting
      • Promotions involving Chat Moderator OR Rollback*(this is after the initial promotion)
      • Minor rule changes or game additions
      • Requires 1 Admin Seal of Approval for implementation