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In Too Deep
Written by Nults McKagan, and being one of the site's longest pages, written out is a tale of pirates and evil. With much liking by those who have read it, it is best you read it before the spoilers reach you.... (read more)

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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 12 August

Hail and Farewell, Friends.

Hail and Farewell, Friends. A few words from our staff team as the Final generation comes to a close, we we end the Wiki.

  • 1 From Nults McKagan, Administrator
  • 2 From Johnny Goldtimbers, Administrator
  • 3 From…

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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 24 May 2020

Community Vote: The Future of the Wiki

Copied from the "Dissolution of the SSC and Granting of Eternal Presidency" thread here:


I have long held democracy a sacrocant privilege to the people of the Gamers Fanon Wiki ever since I r…

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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 8 May 2020

Executive Order 66

Friends, colleagues, future leaders, and obedient citizens;

Long have we waited. There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? It's new colors!

In light of a great conversation I had tonight with my ad…

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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 19 January 2020

2020 Wiki Presidential Address

January 18, 2020

My fellow Wikians,

2019 was a year of-

We are still here, somehow. I am still here, somehow. We are approaching 10 years of existence! The Committee for the Preservation of True Leaders…

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We need your help with our article stubs! If you can help, please do so. We all would highly appreciate it if all of the pages on the wiki were complete, and written by great editors like you! We thank you in advance for helping us with article stubs.
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Thanks for reading the Pirates Online Players Wiki! Have fun editing, so you can become a great skillsmen in coding, template making, and much, much more!
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The 'POTCO Players Wiki' contains multiple articles posted by our users. These articles are fanon and are not to be considered actual lore of their respective franchises. These fan-made articles can be distinguished by categories including, but not limited to, Fan Characters, Fan Stories, Fan Creations, etc… By entering or participating with the 'POTCO Players Wiki' by any means you agree to accept and follow our Rules. By breaking these rules you are subjected to an immediate ban by one of our Administrators. If you decide to use our Discord feature you also agree to the specific rules and guidelines found on the Discord.

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Most importantly, enjoy your time here at the 'POTCO Players Wiki'
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