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The Palacio de la Lamentable Muerte is a lost palace, buried deep under Raven's Cove.

The Legend

It is said that thousands of years ago, the evil Witch King had ruled Raven's Cove with an iron fist, but eventually met his downfall at the dawn of civillization. His fortress was buried deep under Raven's Cove. Only recently have explorers dug a tunnel that lead deep down to the fortress. However, explorers soon discovered that the Witch King's rule had not ever come to an end, and found that the once fallen king had returned in Undead form and had began to raise an army to retake Raven's Cove, and then the Caribbean.


The Witch King of The Cove - lvl 101 boss that spawns occassionally in his throne room im the center of the fortress

Wraith - The Witch King's servants. They appear in most corners of the palace. They have 4,000-5,200 health and use Cursed Sabres.