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This page contains Info that is not in any way directly associated with Pirates of the Caribbean. It was created for humor and enjoyment among the users of this Wiki.


The History of the island is mainly unknown. It was found by the Gen. Of Peace Guild on cortevos server by Lawrence Daggerpaine and a few other high level members. It used to be on every server, but some how it disappeared. some think it disappeared when a masive asteriod hit Abassa(Really when Disney had a bad prosseser and everything wasn't working right). Other think that it is the work of Jolly Roger. Only a few people know really what happened, and they are the Gen. Of Peace and the Marceline Guilds. The blast wiped out the island on every server except for Cortevos. Since Cortevos is the home server for the Gen. Of Peace, the Island has become their HQ.


The shape of the Island is very much like Rumrunner's Isle. Where the Rum Cellar is on Rumrunner's, there is a

The top veiw of the Island

small shack that inside, leads to the underground HQ for the Gen. Of Peace. Walking in the HQ are NPCs of high members of the Guild, including Lawrence Daggerpaine, Bill Plunderbones, Bess Firebones, Bounty Hunter Bill, Michael, and Kat Walnutstone. Bill can be found in the Laboratory working with some chemicals and making new weapons for the industry. Hunter can be found in the training area fighting EITC Assassin, Navy Dragoon, and Mutineer Ghost bosses only found in the Peace Island Training Arena. Kat can be found in the Voodoo area, making a doll that looks like Davy Jones.... Michael can be found in the Armoy. Bess and Lawrence roam the corridors together. The NPCs are like Krugel in that if you are not welcome, they will attack you on the spot, and the bosses with Hunter will also.


There are only 3 enemies on the island, not including the NPCs. All are found in the Peace Island Training Arena.


Celtic Roots Theme

Music for when inside the HQ but not fighting

Quests it Appears in



Poco Adigo

Music for of the HQ, on the Beach


Pirates Legendary Fishing

Battle music inside the HQ


lPhotos in order

  1. The Main Lobby
    Abandoned tunnels.jpg
  2. The Jail for prisoners and destroyers of the peace
  3. The Infarmary Entrance Tunnel
  4. Tunnel's Leading to Offices
  5. the Armory
    Screenshot 2011-04-13 17-08-34.jpg