NOTE: This is NOT a real war. It was a plot to get the Skull's Marines back from Leon, but failed. The fighting comments below are not real either. Capt. Skull X and Lawrence Daggerpaine are really good friends, there is no hard feelings between them. The Picture was posed also.


Yet another war plagues the Caribbean. Lawrence Daggerpaine has begun an argument defending Pearson and Leon, calling skull the true fool. During our argument he drew a weapon on Skull and John Stormpaine, who then drew their weapons and returned fire. Maruader's Militia is now at war with Gen. Of Peace. Lawrence and Bill Plunderbones were both insulting Simon Treasurehawk too for letting us in the guild and being allies with us
Screenshot 2011-04-09 18-41-24

the fight



  • Maruader's Militia
  • England's Finest


  • Gen. Of Peace
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