Island: Tortuga

Location: Near the dock

Peddler John

John the Peddler


Runaway's Outfit:

Shabby clothing... perfect for any runaway.
Runaway outfit better

Runaway's Outfit

Partly Open Shirt: 700 gold

Belt: 100 gold

Supplies Vest: 500 gold

Torn Jeans: 700 gold

Worn Out Boots: 300 gold

Royal Dress:

Fancy royal clothing specialy saved for Royalties.

Royal Top: 500 gold
Blue Dress

Royal Dress

Royal Dress: 700 gold

Royal Shoes: 300 gold

Skull Mask:

Perfect for Halloween when you feel like giving people a little scare.

Skull Mask: 500 gold
Skull mask

Skull Mask

Wedding Dress:

Look nice for your wedding, or at least a little nice...

Wedding Veil: 300 gold

Wedding Corset: 1500 gold
Wedding Dress

Wedding Outfit

Long Belt: 300 gold

White Dress: 1000 gold

White Heels: 300 gold

More will come :)

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