Peter Stormshot.png

This level 50 pirate is close friends with Captain Andrew. He is a notorious pirate that plunders and pillages on a daily basis. He has Mastered all of his weapons and has mastered fishing and Potions as well! He is also in possession of The Lost Sword of El Patron.

ANDREW SAYS: This is not Peter. This is Ex-Lord Admiral Captain Andrew the I, Czar of New Russia. I am offering a giant reward of 10,000 gold coins that will be traded via poker (confidential) on anyone who has any information regarding Peter. He is a great old friend of mine, and now that I am back, I must find him immediately. Thank you so much - Please Report back to any Russian official for information, preferably myself. Catch me in the game as Admeral Qswas. Thanks.

LevelTemplate50.png Peter Stormshot has reached Notoriety level 50!
Mastered.jpg Peter Stormshot has mastered all of his weapons!
PotionsIcon.png Peter Stormshot is an expert potion brewer!
ElPatronIcon.png Peter Stormshot is in possession of the Lost Sword of El Patron!
LegendaryLure.jpg Peter Stormshot is a Master Fisherman!
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