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Cannon:lvl 8

Sailing lvl 15




Dagger : lv. 12


Staff: No staff.



Guilds and Groups

Voodoo Mayhem:Officer

Famous Three:Member,Officer

The Pirate Dream:Officer

Warlocks Revenge:Veteran, Member.

El Bandidos:Officer, Co. Govenor of Isla Perdida, Admiral of the Bandido Navy.

British Parliament: Rep. of South Indies, (Australia, New Guinea, New Zeland, and Tasmania).

Trade Federation: Member

The Olyipians :Guild master (left guild)

Mandalore Fire:Guild master


Peter Blake (would later change name to Peter Wildsliver) was born in early 1700s in England. At the age of 15, his father, Lawerance Blake, mystoriously sailed to the Caribbean and returned with a strange old looking sword. A few days later Peters family's house was raided by the EITC, who where looking for that sword. Peter was hauled off after the house burned down and EITC found the sword.As the EITC carrying Peter sailed away toward London, their ship was attacked by French priveeters, who killed the crew and captured Peter.While in the ships prison peter heard a discussion amongest the ships leaders in which they disscused his father,whom they where searching for because the wanted El Patrono's sword which Lawerance Blake had found in the Caribbean.On the way back to France the French ship was caught in a storm which threw the whole crew over board exept Peter and the captain. The captain was injured so Peter sailed the ship into port.The captain, Jack Swordmenace, saw this and he made Peter a French Priveteer.Peter sailed with the french for years. To be continued.......


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Peter Wildsilver.

French Icon Peter Wildsilver is a True Frenchman at heart!
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