As most of you know, Ive been having issues with my POTCO launcher lately, and If I could still play on the browser, this would all go away, So, I decided to make this, and once I get maybe 30 People to sign it, Ill email it off to POTCO.. And if thats not enough, Ill encourage you to tell yer mates on POTCO about it for me! Thanks! (This was just to BRING BACK browser playing. I would wanna keep the launcher for other people though, and also, THIS ISNT A COMMUNITY VOTE, Its a free edit petition. Add your own signature) Nedgewalkersig2


1.Captain Ned Edgewalker - I made it... xD (Using First signature for space :P) Nedgewalkersig

2.Screen shot 2012-05-17 at 10.15.59 PM

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