A currently uninhabited desert island in Ivory Bay. Being the only known island in the Bay without any humans populating it, it has become home to countless monsters who have thrived since before the desert was known to exist. Despite being a sand-filled wasteland void of all life now, it is a well-known theory that the island once housed a thriving, small town and one of the greatest mine systems known in the Caribbean, all of which have, for long, destroyed for unknown reasons. The old island has been named The Island of Despel by theorists, and a handful of daring explorers have been making trips to the island to salvage the remains of the lost civilization with some success.

Known Threats

The sands of the desert are home to several creatures who have gotten accustomed to the desert climate and have evolved to increase their odds of survival. After centuries, maybe even millennials of survival at any cost, these monsters won't take well to the sign of any explorers, maybe even any other life forms as well. It is best to avoid them, leaving them alone to fend for themselves.

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