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Guildmaster- Matthew Fireskull
Guildmaster- Matthew Fireskull

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Pirate Guild 736508 is a spy guild. It has no real name that way enemies have a harder time tracking us down. If you need someone killed or spied on contact me under the Job section.

Guild Userbox ImagePirate Pirate Guild 736508 is a Pirate Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.


After the next Spy and or Murder we are asked to do it will cost money for us to do the ones after that.

Spying: 1,000 gold coins, will be payed over the poker tables

Murder: 5,000 gold coins, will be payed over the poker tables

Jobs NeededEdit

George Treasurestealer- I need elites of the co,!

This is Will Scurvyrat from the Elite Musket Men and we need some spying done on the British Empire contact me on the musket men page.

This is Nick Sharkhayes can you spy on the British Black Guard?


Guildmaster- Matthew Fireskull

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