The Pirate Mafia

The Pirate Mafia
  • Pirate Mafia gun
  • Modern Mafia Gun

The pirate mafia is the potco Mafia that was started by Mafia Leader Walker and Lord Sanderz they met together with there weapons and combined into 1 mafia. we started up the silent buisness but eventually the Navy And Eitc caught on about it we started a war with them and shot down there Mansions and destoryed there offices


Top Mafia leader- Walker

Second Leader- Lord Sanderz

Assult Leader- open

Fleet assassult leader- Open

Mafia Elite Officer- Open

Mafia Veteran- Open

Mafia Guard- Open


Tortuga Secret Hideout

Port Royal base- Main Base

Slide show

  • Top Mafia leader
  • About to kill A Navy Police Officer
  • About To Raid Padres Del Fuego


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