Pirate Rolls is a government that has every pirate have his/her own roll. Here are some that are available:

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  • You can only be two rolls.
  • If you do not meet the required elements, please do not sign up for that specific roll.


  • **Taken**Captain - Must have everything mastered (including Potions and Fishing) + Leads the government / Founded the government.
  • First Mate - Must have everything mastered except fishing and potions. + Second in command in the government.


  • **Taken**Leveling Legend - Must be level 50 and have at least 4 mastered weapons.
  • Firearms Legend - Must have mastered cannon and gun.
  • **Taken**Pvp Legend - Must have mastered, Grenade, Sword, and Dagger.
  • **Taken**Blade Legend - Must have mastered sword and dagger.
  • **Taken**Voodoo Legend - Must have mastered doll and staff.
  • Sailing Legend - Must have mastered cannon and sailing.
  • Blunderbuss Legend - Must have one famed blunderbuss and like using blunderbuss.


  • Fishing Master - Must have mastered fishing.
  • **Taken**Sword Master - Must have mastered sword.
  • Gun Master - Must have mastered gun.
  • Cannon Master - Must have mastered cannon.
  • Sailing Master - Must have mastered sailing.
  • Staff Master - Must have mastered staff.
  • **Taken**Grenade Master - Must have mastered grenade.
  • Doll Master - Must have mastered doll.
  • **Taken**Potions Master - Must have mastered potions.


List your name here along with the roll you wish to take.

Here are our members (In order, highest rank first):

  1. Captain Shadow Sail - Captain
  2. Matthew Darkskull - Leveling Legend
  3. Richard Goldvane - Voodoo Legend and Blade Legend.
  4. Simon Treasurehawk - Pvp Legend / Grenade Master
  5. Lord Blueshot - Sword and Potions Master


This is a galley of our members.

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