This is the school for pirates.Staff(WE ARE STILL HIRING.) -Principal : Will Greasescarlett -First Stage Teacher: -Second Stage Teacher: -Vice Principal: -Killing Class Teacher: -History Teacher: -Behavior Teacher: -Extra Actions Teacher: -Singing Teacher: -French Teacher(Choice 1 for language.): -Spanish Teacher(Choice 2 for language.): -English Teacher: -Third Stage Teacher: -Forth Stage Teacher: -Fifth Stage Teacher: -Checkup Tester: -Failer Stage Teacher(This is people who failed checkup and are gonna be in here for 3 more years. -Lunch staff: , , ,

Location:Old Warehouse Server:Andaba When to come: 10:30 at Saturday, Sunday ,and 6:00 on Friday. Late Punishment: The Time you missed plus 1 hour extra.(After hours.) When to leave:Saturday and Sunday: 11:20 Friday:7:10

Times allowed to be apsened:5

Hiring Date: 2/12/2012 to 2/31/2012.

Join by going to Old Warehouse and asking principal!

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