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This page is dedicated to all players who played POTCO. We will highlight the best players of All-Time, right here on this page. These names are in no specific order. This is not a Roleplay Hall of Fame. If you would like someone inducted, please ask below in the comments, and the request will be reviewed by Captain Ned Edgewalker.

Benjamin MacMorgan

  • Brought Life into the EITC
  • "Started/Named" the Co. EITC Guilds

Grace Goldtimbers A.K.A. Duchess

  • Created the Idea of the Royal Family
  • Molded Country Roleplay to what it would become

Jack Swordmeanace

Eric McRage

  • Formed McRaging, one the greatest Guilds in POTCO History

Ned Yellowbeard

  • Formed INFERNO, again, one of the greatest Guilds in POTCO History


  • The pioneer of the Spartans Savvy type guild's
  • Led the guild Spartan's Soldiers, another great guild


  • Formed the guild Spania, a guild prominent during it's time

John Breasly

  • Lead the most powerful RP Nation in POTCO history, Great Britain.

Captain Leon

  • One of the most Infamous people in POTCO History.
  • Lead one of the most infamous guilds in POTCO History, the Co. Empire.

John Foulroberts

  • Very famous POTCO Video video maker
  • The Ultimate Looter

Johnny Goldtimbers

  • Prime Minister of the most powerful RP Nation in POTCO History, Great Britain.


  • Widley considered to be the Jack Sparrow of Pirates Online
  • One of the best Non-RP players in POTCO history.

Jarod Pillagebane

  • Was elected to be the king of The 7th Brethren Court by a wiki vote, the first time the community, not the court voted for the pirate king.
  • Lead the guild OUTLAWS, a guild Prominent in it's time.

Dread Poet Roberts

  • Very famous for telling Amazing stories in Barbossa's Grotto every Monday night. On his last story night, a GM showed up and listened. Other people told stories at his event too.
  • Was a member of McRaging.


  • Made (arguably) some of the best POTCO videos on YouTube.

Pretty Polly

  • One of the most prominent members of McRaging.

Capt. Skull X

Emerald Sea Gang

  • They were the Sixth guild ever made in POTCO.
  • Only guild that was from the first ten guilds made that weren't deleted.
  • Widely regarded to be one of the greatest Guilds of all time.
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