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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Pirate Wars
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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Pirate Wars






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The Onset
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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Piate Wars, sometimes called simply The Pirate Wars, is a fan-made book series which narrates the events that take place between Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest, or in other words, the Pirates Online storyline. It is set to be released in at least 4 parts, each with up to 10 stories of the ongoing war between Piracy, the East India Trading Company and Jolly Roger's Undead Armies.

According to the author, "The book, as u know, details on the main POTCO plot and includes events like Invasions, Treasure Fleets and that stuff. But it also tells about more internal stories, like Jack Swordmenace's and Captain Leon's, or other from less known guys. It's all really exciting, and it's nice to have the fans' support".

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The first book of the series, named Part I (sub-name Onset) is in writing progress. You can visit the Facebook page here.

No release date has been given, although the book is programmed for release in late 2013 - early 2014.

Part I - Onset


"A shrinking world. A malevolent global company. A cursed, bloodthirsty captain. A handful of buccaneers.

Piracy is a common crime in the waters of the Caribbean. So common, some find it disrupting for their questionable honor. For others, it's merely a source of income. For many, it means freedom.

With the Aztec Curse (which held Captain Barbossa and the Black Pearl '''undefeateble) lifted, pirates everywhere have resumed doing what they do best - "take what you want, give nothing back" - untroubled.

However, in this time of brief quietness, an evil agent by the name of Cutler Beckett seeks to take the Caribbean by any means necessary... and a cursed pirate by the name of Jolly Roger seeks revenge on his old nemesis, doing away with whoever stands in his way. And now, the Brethren Court must choose to fight or flee... for their enemies have united, and vowed to destroyed them." - Official Facebook description.

As the first part of the series, the Onset introduces all the classic characters from Pirates Online - Captain Jack Sparrow, Jolly Roger, Ezekiel Rott - but also gives a face to all-new characters like Jack Swordmenace, Captain Leon, Enrique O'Rackham, John Fatbeart - and many more.

The book takes place in-game between the Battle of Padres and the oncoming Invasions.

Pirates of The Caribbean: The Pirate Wars - The Onset brings back classic pirate swashbuckling, evil curses and high-seas adventures but also sports suspense, romance and mystery.

  • Sharpen yer steel and ready yer powder, mates...
  • Darkness lurks in the Caribbean...
  • The Black Pearl, hulk of the Brethren Court
  • Captain Fatbeart leads a perilous rescue mission
  • Jack Swordmenace will confront his nemesis again..
  • The war rages across the sea...
  • Captain Leon will face Swordmenace again...
  • Can Sharksteel find this weapon in time?
  • A new foe sails the seas, seeking revenge on Jack Sparrow....
  • Cover art #2Go to the pirate wars cover
  • Hordes of Undead minions prepare to battle...


Jack Swordmenace, Bobby Moon and James Warhawk are all programmed to make a pivotal appearance in Chapter VIII Gang War, along with Edgar Wildrat. Captain John Fatbeart will be one of the protagonists in Chapter VII Hostage, alongside Eliza Creststeel, Jim Logan and Captain Walter.

Captain Leon and Claude d'Arcis are to be the main antagonists in Chapter VIII Gang War, supported by James "Usman" Strider. Johnny Goldtimbers is also likely to make a cameo appearance.

The most prominent members of the Marceline guild are set to appear in more than one chapter, often with pivotal or essential roles.


Jolly's Undead critters will feature in The Pirate Wars

Revealed characters


POTCO players are free to present their pirates for an appearance in the book (more details in the Facebook page).


Some images and ideas were provided by Captain Goldvane.

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