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Welcome to the official Pirates of the Caribbean Online, On Stranger Tides page! Look around and wait for previews, backstage videos, trailers, and posters here. If you want to join the Caste or Crew, then go to this site and ask to become one. If you want to contact me privately, e-mail me at lawrencedaggerpaine@yahoo.com. We also have a chat room here.

Note: It is not a certainty if you become a part or not.

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Behind the Scenes of Potco On Stranger Tides 1 Waiting for John

Behind the scenes, first look


The Latest Shipment

Our latest shipment arrives


Gibbs Interview

Mr. Gibbs Interview


Mutiny Blackbeard Scene Early Release



Pirates of the Caribean 4 Preview


Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Tailer


Pirates Online Fanmad Movie Trailer



Pirates of the Caribben Online on Stranger Tides


Early Release of the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Online, On Stranger Tides Title Sequence

On Stranger Tides Title Sequence


Pirates Online Fanmade Movie - Trailer 2 (Official Version)


Blackbeard Interview

An Interveiw with Blackbeard


POTCO 4 On Stranger tides


Jack Sparrow Interview

Jack Sparrow Interview


Offical Potco Stranger Tides Trailer

Offical movie trailer


Director's Commentary



Bloopers of the Caribbean

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This is the list of Cast and Crew for the Movie. The Script is on this page.

  • Cameraman -- Lawrence Daggerpaine
  • King George Augustus II -- John Breasly
  • King Phillip V - Sir Carlos Clemente
  • Joshamee Gibbs -- Richard Goldvane
  • Jack Sparrow -- James O'martin
  • Woman in carraige -- Kat Bluebonnet
  • King's Herald -- Robert Macmonger
  • Captain Teague -- Simon Redskull
  • Stagecoach Driver -- Chris Swordbones
  • Captain Barbossa -- Jack Swordmenace & Bounty Hunter Bill
  • Navy Guards -- We need a lot
  • Quartermaster -- Slappy
  • Angelica -- Curycoo & Bess firebones
  • Scrum -- Edgar Wildrat
  • Gunner -- Captain Ezekiel
  • Blackbeard -- Captain Ezekiel's other character: Blackbear Teach
  • Syrena -- Keria Kinover
  • Phillip -- Zeke
  • Special Effects Cordinator -- Ben Macmorgan
  • Evil Mermaid -- Kitty
  • Spanish Captain -- Jerry Stormwash
  • Spanish Fishermen -- Hippie
  • Old Guy in Net -- Jason Yelloweagle's other character: Jason Kinover
  • Zombies -- (Filled)
  • Blackbeard's Crew - Jason Yelloweagle,
  • Spanish King - Pearson
  • Spanish Soldiers - We need alot
  • Extra #1:Basil Bridgebain ( He will be playing Royal Guards and possibly some londoners.

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This is the Filming Schedule as of now. The Director (Simon Redskull aka Tama63) and the Co-Producers (John Breasly and Lawrence Daggerpaine) need to be at every time listed. Look for your part, your date and time, and location (Locations on the Server of Cortevos). If you need to change the time, then contact Lawrence Daggerpaine here.

Saturday, June 18
  • King Ferdinand, The Spaniard, The Fishermen, The Old Man
  • The Londoners (Still need to finish this up), Gibbs, Guards, Court People, Jack Sparrow
  • Kingshead Bridge
  • Govenor's Mansion
  • 9am
  • 12pm
Sunday, June 19 Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, King's Advisors, Guards, Woman in Carridge, King Goerge, Barbossa, Londoners Kingshead Keep 9am
Monday, June 20
  • Jack, Captain Teague, Scrum, Angelica, Quarter Master, Guards
  • Zombies, Blackbeard's Crew, Blackbeard, Jack, Philip, Scrum, (Need to finish this up) Angelica
  • Cuba Bar
  • Port Royal Docks
  • 9am
  • 2pm
Tuesday, June 21 Jack, Philip, Black's Crew, Blackbeard, Syrena, Angelica, Srcum, Zombies, Mermaids, Barbossa, Barbossa's Crew, Lt. Groves, Gillette, Gibbs Raven's Cove Docks 9am
Wedsnday, June 22
  • Jack, Barbossa
  • Jack, Barbossa, Lt. Groves, Gillette, The Spaniard, Spanish Soldiers
  • El Patron's Ship
  • Rat's Nest
  • 9am
  • 12pm
Thursday, June 23 Jack, Blackbeard, Gibbs, Angelica, Zombies, Black's Crew King's Run 9am
Friday, June 24 Jack, Blackbeard, Gibbs, Angelica, Zombies, Black's Crew, Barbossa, Barbossa's Crew, Gillet, Lt. Groves, Gillette The Spaniard, Spanish Soldiers Misty Mire 9am
Saturday, June 25 Jack, Gibbs, Angelica, Barbossa, A mix of Black's and Barbossa's Crews Rumrunner's Isle 9am
Sunday, June 26 Just the Director and Producers Port Royal Docks 12pm
  • Note: All times are PST.

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This is the news of the Movie.

  1. Sunday, June 12: Production terminated due to fighting and bad organization. Date to restart given at a later time.
  2. Tuesday, June 14: Schedule posted. Production also announced to commence on the 18th.
  3. Sunday, June 18: Release date has been planned, but time and place has not yet been released.

Developer's Log

This is where the Producers and Director write their thoughts on the production

Lawrence Daggerpaine-Producer

  • June 11: Production started today. Organization wasn't too good, gonna need to fix that.
  • June 12: Tried to do one scene, horrible. Fight after fight broke out.
  • June 13: Called off the production till later time to fix on organization.
  • June 14: Made a schedule. Will restart filming this weekend.
  • June 18: Filming restarted. Epic success. Got multiple scenes done. Can't wait. Also made a userbox.
  • June 19: Before filming, has figured out the date for the premier, gonna wait to say when.
  • July 9: Sorry not much of writing, have been really busy. First 3 scenes are totally done. Have to change date for premier twice, and still unknown of exactly when it will be finished. Hoping by the end of the month, maybe sooner or later.

John Breasly-Producer

  • June 17, 2011-Complains of a busy life and ripped up his producer's beret, as well as forgot to sign off on paychecks.

Simon Redskull-Director

  • June 17-Prep for weekend of filming
  • June 18-New Poster Out

the poster

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