The Plague Doll was a terrible voodoo doll used by the abominable Captain Finn Hamm. A powerful bokor, Hamm possessed many specific voodoo dolls of his adversaries but preferred to use the combative Plague Doll, which had the abilty to attune to the spirits of many individuals within range at once. Its sinister powers were thought to be linked to the Black Death, as with Hamm's mysterious Knights of Hyperion.

Bane B.png


  • Attack: 47
  • Plague of Locusts (Rank 1) - Swarm now saddles affected enemies with a lingering Plague debuff, which hampers their movement speed and attack power, and deals periodic damage.
  • Evil Eye (Rank 5) - Attune targets from a great distance.
  • Occult Curse (Rank 1) - Curse lasts twice as long but its duration can be decreased by damaging the caster.
  • Attune + 2
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