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Port Tariff is a port in the Caribbean, established by Royal British Navy of the king's orders.


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Port Tariff News


  • Port Tariff has been seeing an increase in EITC traffic in recent days
  • Construction on the fort has reached an all-time high; people are working as much as 15 hours a day
  • Port Tariff has not heard from a nearby outpost in recent days, causing concern that the isolated outpost may be in trouble.
  • Lord Blastshot has been seen at the office of Lord Howe recently, and security has been raised.


  • Samuel Redbeard and certain followers restricted from Port Tariff, due to their own safety
  • More cannons and ships arriving at Port Tariff
  • Tax raised for citizen merchants
  • The nearby outpost has been searched, and signs of a raid have been found. Several corpses were found, the rest were missing.


  • Samuel Redbeard banned
  • 2,000 additional Guards arrive
  • Nelson's Column Built to honor Horatio Nelson
  • HMS Victory returns to England


  • Port Tariff Defense fleet returns to England ( Temporarily )
  • Royal Navy Parade Held
  • Fort Nelson receives supplies from Fort Fredrick
  • Lord Blastshot returns to Port Tariff from Europe and is Welcomed Back


  • Royal Navy Academy established on Port Tariff


  • Port Tariff begins to truly flourish
  • Precautions are taken against new Spaniard king
  • Construction of a new fort begins


  • Port Tariff welcomes the addition of New Businesses
  • Port Tariff is named the new Headquarters of British Warfare in the Caribbean
  • Lord Blastshot approves the new set of Laws.

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