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Possible Dischargement of Eric Machawk pertains to role-play.

I, Lord Maxamillion say " Eric Machawk " gets dischaged. He shows really not a lot of loyalty for being the Admiral of the Navy. He owns a Beastie Son whos the ??Prince?? of Spain, Lv 30? And Hes only 5 years old! I like Eric as a friend, but he seems like a Spy.

Reasons of Discharge

if u have reasons then ADD, but make it a good one

  • Protects his son whos only 5, and says he can be changed when he hasnt changed even a tiny bit EX - Says dances on johnnys nuts - takes mean pills, tears maxs nut off and eats - hi lord garlic
  • talks to the King of Spain a lot - Was caught by Maxamillion, but couldnt take snap shot because he doesn't know how rofl....

    Eric claims his son is only 5.

  • Says he is the smartest, when hes not owning a worthless beastie of a son
  • makes up lies - Said i was kissing Princess Emily when it was only a rumor
  • Makes him sound really power hungry, when his best rank is the Admiral of the Navy, but says hes a Lord....
  • Said i was the most disgusting Princess ever
  • Says he will dsicharge Maxamillion ( not even ), and William Brawlmartin ( not even ) look at comment
  • Also said he would find Princess Carly and hunt her down ( a threat ) - look at comment
  • Said that my face is messed up TO A GIRL????
  • Is to lazy to bring men to a " Easy War " When it was actually quite hard considering we were short on some men, ( all Erics )
  • Said I have always been loyal to The Paradox and the EITC, WAIT! the Paradox?

Do you Agree?

Please no Sigs -

  • Maxamillion
  • King Joshua Pond
  • Princess Carly
  • Johnny Coaleston
  • Jack Stormrage
  • Sven Daggersteel
  • Cpt. Roger Decksteel
  • Princess Emily McSteel

Approval -

Only for the people who can discharge - Approved with Lord Marshal Samue Redbeard, King John Breasly, Lord Johnny Goldtimbers, Cad Bane, and Johnny Coaleston

  • === Since the EITC and The Spain Revolution are at peace, Eric Machawk is trusted.===