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Potatotown was a city created by Captain Ned Edgewalker in the 2015 city building simulation, Cities: Skylines. It had a population of 7,507.

The city save file was accidentally deleted, which lead to the creation of a new city named Westbrook.


Canada District

The main district of the town, the Canada District holds most of the cities population & is the largest district in total size. It is comprised of mainly Residential zones & Commericial zones, with a very small portion of the district dedicated to Industrial zones.

The District's policies are: Smoke Detector Distribution & Recycling.

Population: 5,532

McKagan District

The McKagan District is the second largest district in the town in terms of Population, the second largest district in terms of size, and the district itself holds Potatotown's main hospital & fire department.

The district is the only area in Potatotown that has no drug laws.

Population: 1,770

Mallace District

The Mallace District is the largest district in terms of Industrial buildings. It holds most of Potatotown's Industry, with very low residential area in the district itself. The Mallace District holds the lowest ammount of population out of all the other districts.

The district is the only area that has a ban on pets, due to it's high pollution.

Population: 310

Waglington District

The Waglington District is the main district in Potatotown in terms of offices. It holds all of the cities office buildings currently, although this will most likely change. The district is the only area in Potatotown to offer free public transport.

Population: 449

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