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Movie Storyline:

The movie starts when a pirate crew goes to a tavern after a good sea battle, after being there for a while they hear a rumor 'bout an Olmec Sword capable of destroying entire places in one hit. Then the captain investigates more 'bout it, and finds out that the sword is real, but it's location is unknown.

Later the pirate crew makes an expedition to New Spain (Mexico) and battle the Navy, Sea monsters and fiery storms during the loooong trip, later they are caugh by The Royal Navy and sent to jail, which they escape of it, they continue their voyage 'till they land!

There they find they were not alone; natives have already set up there, and they don't want 'em! Many pirates die of illnesses and of battle, later, the survivors escape the indians and make way to the sacred temple of the Olmecs, which there is supposed to be the Sacred Sword.......

Then the ghost of a powerful warrior that wielded the sword appeared, and killed many crewmates. Then Captain Jack fought him and almost died, when Charles O'Hawk jumped and killed the ghost. They all were happy and they came to Tortuga to cheer nad the movie ends.


Captain Jack Rodriguez: Jack Rodriguez / Double: ??? 

First Mate: ???? / Double: ??? (Skinny, Medium or Fat is preffered with black hair (any type)

Navy Officer 1: ????

Navy Officer 2:????

Navy Officer 3: ????

Navy Officer 4: ????

Navy Officer 5:????

Navy Admiral 1:?????

Navy Admiral 2: ????

Indian 1: ????

Indian 2: ????

Indian 3: ????

Indian 4: ????

Indian 5: ????

Crewmate 1: ????

Crewmate 2: ????

Crewmate 3: ????

Crewmate 4: ????

Crewmate 5: ????

Traitor Crewmate: ???? / Double : ???

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