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Présage is a legendary monster from the Abyss, said to be larger and more deadly than the Kraken itself. According to the legend, the Great Lord of the Abyss gathered all the darkness energy in the Caribbean and cursed the deepest trench in the world. But with its creation, a horrible monster was created, and destroyed all who tried to explore the Abyss.


It has a colossal Squid head that is 100 miles long, and 50 miles wide. It has 10 tentacles with 5 on each side that reach 20 miles, and 2 very long tentacles in the middle that reach 30 miles. It HATES the surface area because its eyes make the darkness of the abyss seem like day, and the light of the surface to seem like darkness.

Defenses and dangers

When attacked by any unsuspecting creature, it sends thousands of venomous spikes. On its 10 main tentacles, it has many sharp teeth coated with venom. The 2 other tentacles have many glowing jellyfish stingers.