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National Anthem of Montenegro - "Oj, Svijetla Majska Zoro"

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(To be edited soon by Hannah Bluefeather)

Political Information

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  • Prince-Bishop Hannah Uni-Kitty Bluefeather

(Also known as Wyldstyle or Nyan Cat and other nicknames)

About Montenegro

Capital: Centije

Government Type: Prince Bishopric Monarchy (I am making it a monarchy on top of the government that it already is)

Lands ruled under Montenegro

  • Montenegro

Diplomatic Relations


Prince-Bishop Hannah Bluefeather


The leader, Hannah Bluefeather, is planning to request to lead the Ottoman Empire, after her close friend Genevieve resigned as ruler of that nation. If Hannah Bluefeather leads the Ottomans, Montenegro will be annexed and a leader will be chosen to lead Montenegro. They will lead under Hannah Bluefeather. If not, then Hannah Bluefeather will either continue to rule Montenegro or join another nation or change nations later on. For now, Hannah Bluefeather is the leader of Montenegro.