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Ship Origins

The ships name ( Regele Aprindire ) Regele is what naval ships are called in Romania, like in England they are called  "HMS", Aprindire means "Spark" the boats name sake is the first king/reigning King of Romania, Albert Spark Sabre I. It was built and assmbled at Port Elizebeth in Sweden in 1700.

Ship Stats

1. Ship Length - 405 ft.

2. Ship Class - Third rate War Ship.

3. Ship Classification Code - WS 276

4. Captain - Jack Daggerbreaker

5. First Mate - Jack Brawlginty

6. Total Crew - 402

7. Total Broadsides Left and Right - 225 broadside cannons

8. Total Deck Guns - 37

9. Total Crows Nest Guns - 5 ( One per mast )

10. Special Attirbute - Two triple barrel cannons on each side of the bow 

                        Greek Fire Cannons on the back of the ship near the rutter that blasts at enemy ships behind.

11. Hull Material - Stainless Steel six feet thick

12. Top Speed - 18 nots

13. Sails made from - Silk

14.) Fun Fact - Instead of rope they have chain so the thing that holds the sails cannot be snapped in storms

Photo Gallery

A Model Of The Regele Aprindire that is in the Romanian Archives

Regele Aprindre (last ship to the left) with a fleet of Romanian War Ships taking formation to set out on an expedition

Regle Aprindere Serving as backup for the allied British Fleet in a skirmish with the French Circa 1702

Regele Aprindire sitting in its home port - Port Galifizois

Regele Aprindire takes Commodore Nicolas Sailsmythe to Sweden for a confrence