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We are Rejects of the Sea and this is what we do...

We are a close group of mostly adults who were recruited over from ToonTown. Most of us enjoyed the game as is, others have played the game with their children but have been abandoned and left to play alone.

As we grew in the game we decided maybe it was time to find another challenging game and began to give Pirates Online a try. As we fell in love sailing the high seas, looting for plunder and fighting enemies in invasions we attracted many friends to come join. As our group began to grow we decided to make a guild, aiming towards ToonTown Rejects we were sadened when it was rejected, so we became Rejects of the sea. Since most of us only knew of throwing pies, dropping pianos and making each other laugh, we had lots to learn of how to use a sword, or sail a boat and shoot canons.

We are a hard working guild with lots accomplished. We have recently recruited new Pirates to our guild with which we found along the Caribbean and helped out. Helping them to enjoy the game more as it can be frustrating at first when your not sure what to do.

We also enjoy having fun, as sometimes we come across other guilds who want to face off. But we simply turn it into a fun Q&A when they wonder how we all manage to do things in sync. Most of us use group chat while playing the game to better our communication, so we tend to have lots of fun with others in the game as we can countdown and dance in sync, or flex, or event tp away at the same time.

We welcome new Pirates to our guild at anytime if they ask, we are willing to help all in the game. As we fight to make our guild well known we also want a good name for ourselves and one day become the best.

This is our guild we do what we do best, so if you see us around give a friendly hello!

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