What is it

The Renegade Cobra was one of the greatest frigates in the Caribbean. It belonged to Capt. Skull X
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The Renegade Cobra sinks a ship

, the GM of Skull's Marines. The ship became the Icon of Skull's Marines. It was used to transport goods, and weapons to other marines. It also served as the main vessel used in the guild. It was like the Air Force One of Skull's Marines. The Original Five used it to travel everywhere.

The Sinking

It was a bright afternoon day, the Original Five, which back then were called the Big Five, were invited to a meeting with a Co. Guild GM and officers. Little did they know that the Co. G
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The Renegade Cobra sinks....

uild was being payed to lead the Original Five into an ambush. During their passage EITC Tyrannts boarded the litle Renagade Cobra, only a Frigate. The marines fought very hard, and valiantly, but eventualy the Original Five got tired, and finaly gave up. Robert O'Morgin dove and took a bullet for Capt. Skull X, and died on the spot. The Black Guard then dissable the rudder, shot down the masts, and set the Renegade Cobra on fire, leaving the Original Five to burn to death....

Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Renegade Cobra's photo gallery!

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