Retribution is currently the strongest ship in the world. It is stationed in the Caribbean, and it is personally owned by Still Fly and it is a part of the entire pirate crew, now called The Crimson Armada, since the Demise of the Pirate lords. Retribution is a one-of-a-kind ship.

Retribution is really a mixture of 5 what-would-be-gone-ships- Retribution was built by Still Fly himself. After seeing his father, Jack Sparrow, die in the Demise of the Pirate lords, Jeremy vowed revenge- but first he needed a way to escape the terrible event that was unfolding before his eyes. Quickly, Still Fly spotted a dinghy nearby and went safely to shore about 20 miles from the destruction site. There, he started building what would be forever known as Retribution.

Retribution is a mixture of 5 ships- The Black Pearl, The Flying Dutchman, the HMS Endeavor, The Queen Anne's Revenge, and the Harkaway. Still Fly already had a plan for this ship before his father's death, so he knew exactly what to do. Still Fly started building Retribution approximately 20 hours after the ships were destroyed. Retribution has the following features:

The black color, stealth, and speed of The Black Pearl The size, strength, and firepower of the HMS Endeavor The ghostly appearance and underwater ability of The Flying Dutchman The Greek Fire ammo and magic sails of The Queen Anne's Revenge The teleportation ability of The Harkaway

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