SvSAdmiral.jpg Richard Cannonbreaker is ranked a/an Lieutenant in SvS Imfamy.
French Icon.png Richard Cannonbreaker is a True Frenchman at heart! Richard Cannonbreaker appears in Book 1, 2, & 3 of The Life & History of Simon Treasurehawk.


Level: 10

Richard Cannonbreaker.jpg

Guild: Marauder's Militia

Rank: Commodore

Country of Birth: Ireland


Richard Cannonbreaker is the second son of the Cannonbreaker family. He is an execellent shipbuilder and has built:

  1. The Tide Dancer (But then sold it)
  2. And the Riptide Stallion

And helped his older brother, Robert Cannonbreaker, created the Storm Warrior.

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