Sail ramming speed Riptide Conqueror is a War Frigate!!

The Riptide Conqueror is a War Frigate owned by Dog Raidrage.

The Conqueror has conquered many riptides and according to legend, can control it, too.

Some say that they were able to escape the ship, but they were probably lying (or exaggerating, for example seeing it from a few miles behind the deadly ship, then getting to the nearest port).

Even if you were sailing a sloop, the ship's power to control the riptides would slow you down if not sink you. Because Dog Raidrage is a master sailor with rank five windcatcher, rank five full sail, and rank five ramming speed (not to mention Leadership) you will easily be caught (Raidrage rarely sails alone so you will be battered by cannonfire from Solomon Ironbeard on arrival).

Sold and replaced on October 5 by the Riptide Raptor.

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