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Born in the Caribbean to a British family that wasn't the richest but not the poorest. Then as he progesses throughout he made money gambling and then finally made enough money to study but that got boring fast. He left but then joined Lord Giratina Origin Forme's guild the Eternal Masters, an EITC guild. He likes the EITC's way and then became an EITC member. Then as he made money he met very powerful members of the Navy and EITC. Then he opened the EITCSI as president and now runs a huge part of the EITC. On June 10, 1740 Robert resigned from his post of President but he'll always be involved with the EITCSI. Recently found dead at his home on Port Royal. He was 45 years old and died of an apparent heat attack.

EITCSI Seal2 Robert is a/the CEO of the East India Trading Co. Shipwright Industry!
Captain Robert Main Page Pic2 Robert is a player of Captain Robert!

Weapon Level Award
Sword Mastered
Sword Robert has mastered Sword!
Shooting 23
Doll 25
Dagger Mastered
Dagger Robert has mastered Dagger!
Grenade Mastered
Grenade Robert has mastered Grenade!
Staff 12
Potions 12
Fishing Mastered
LegendaryLure Robert is a Master Fisherman!
Cannon 15
Sailing 18
Notoriety 40
LevelTemplate40 Robert has reached Notoriety level 40!

Other Info

  • Veteran in the Co. Black Guard
  • Favorite Blade: Nautilus Blade
  • Favorite Hat: Blue Red Party Hat

Outfits He Wears


Male Blue Robert is male.
American flag Robert is American.
800px-Flag of Persia (2).svg-1- (55x18) Robert is a(n)/the representative of the The Persian Government!
FamedWeapons Robert has 3 Famed Items!
CursedBlades Robert has collected a total of 4 Cursed Blades!
Raven's Cove Robert's favorite main island is Raven's Cove.
Jeweler Sign Robert has completed all of the jewelry quests offered by jewelers.
GM Sign Robert is Guildmaster of the Co. Empire United guild.
Pirate Guild Robert is in the Gen. of Peace Guild guild.
MossyMosesScale-1- Robert has caught the Legendary Fish Mossy Moses
60px-Legendary fish icon This user's first Legendary Fish was Mossy Moses

250px-Mossy Moses Robert caught the heavy and huge, Mossy Moses!
Ripsaw Blade Robert is in possession of the Famed Cursed Blade Ripsaw Blade!
Icon Cursed cc Robert is in possession of the Famed Cursed Blade Nautilus Blade!
ImagesCA3H21DG Robert has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!
Logo eitc emblem Robert is an EITC character in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
Favorite weapon pic.. Robert's favorite weapon is the Nautilus Blade!!
Royal Navy Emblem Robert is a Royal Navy character in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
Co Alliance Robert is the High Lord of the Co. Alliance Government!
Co Alliance Robert is a member of the Co. Alliance Govenment!
PvPWar Master Robert is a/an Rookie in PvP Infamy
Images (1)65 Robert is a(n) Trade Ship Captain of the International Trading Bank. Robert is a member of the El Gobierno Oficioso de España.
India-flag-1- (55x37) Robert is a member of the The Official Government of West-India!
55px-Icon nature staff d Robert is a Lord of Wealth in The Alliance of The Lords!
PvPRank1 This user has achieved the PvP Infamy rank of 1!
Government Robert is a(n)/the President of the Co. Alliance Govenment.
Government Robert is a(n)/the President of the The Official Government of West-India.
VesselGalleon Robert has a War Galleon called Outlaw Dragon.
Reaper-1- (55x55) Robert has created an Undead Reaper Boss and has joined the Undead Reaper's Clan!
SOCIETYOF LIGHT LOGO3 Robert is a member of The Society of The Light!
VesselSloop Robert has a War Sloop called Outlaw Serpent.
JacksBrew Robert has used the famed Jack's Brew!
Noob Academy and Learning Center Seal Robert helps noobs and works for the The Noob Academy and Learning Center as a Second Stage Teacher

Famed Items

  • Nautilus Blade
  • Ripsaw Blade
  • Scoundrel Pistol
  • Brigadier's Broadsword

Locations Found

  • Nautilus Blade - Raven's Cove Quest
  • Ripsaw Blade - Raven's Cove
  • Scoundrel Pistol - Tormenta (Thrall Room)
  • Brigadier's Broadsword - Raven's Cove

Legendary Fish

  • First Fish- Mossy Moses 2/17/11
    Screenshot 2011-02-17 18-21-45

    Robert's First Legendary FIsh

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